Sol Glorificus, 329AD (Instance)

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Sol Glorificus, 329AD (Instance)
Map Coordinates: (305,556)
Region: Scorched Desert
Zone: Valley of the Sun God
Type: Instance

Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the instance accessed via Time Tomb in A Time to Every Purpose. For the location in the modern-day Scorched Desert, see Sol Glorificus.

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This instance is entered during the A Time to Every Purpose mission as well as containing the O Tempora! O Mores! mission. You access it through a "Time Tomb" that was once part of a transit system created during the Third Age. The Time Tomb is located in the Scorched Desert at (305,556).

This instance is a version of the Sol Glorificus found in the Scorched Desert today, but the Time Tomb transports you back in time to 329 A.D.


Starts at Location

Involved In


The map is basically a re-drawn version of the Scorched Desert map. However, even though the map shows the entire zone, the instance is much more limited. The instance extends from the Time Tomb on the south, the edges of the depression that Sol Glorificus sits in to the west, and border of the Forsaken Oasis to the north and east.

Sol Glorificus.png


Environmental Hazards

  • The edges of the instance are bordered by a dust storm. Trying to leave the instance by any of the paths that can normally be taken into the rest of the zone causes the character to be hindered and move extremely slowly, but does not cause any damage.