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A team of players taking on a golem

Player versus environment, or PvE, involves fighting computer-controlled monsters in order to complete missions given by characters in the game.

Its counterpart is player versus player


In game, players can team up, or party, in order to complete content together. It has been stated that the party size aimed for in The Secret World will be five. Players of different factions are free to party for PvE content.


Instances revealed so far include The Polaris and the lighthouse; a brief gameplay walkthrough of the Polaris instance has been shown at GDC, gamescom, and PAX Prime during 2011.[1][2]

In September of 2011, Margin Bruusgaard shed some light on the dungeon scoring system. Harder dungeons utilize the system which effects the final loot reward. One factor in score calculation is respeccing at anima wells. Whether this calculation includes individual deaths, time spent in the instance, or other factors has not been confirmed.


Rewards for competing in PvE generally revolve around experience points and gaining items from killing monsters.