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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Missions are activities players can take part in to earn rewards and learn more about the secret world. Most missions are broken into "tiers"; which mark progress while providing both a reward and a point in the mission where players can pause without losing progress. To return to a paused mission, players return to the mission giver or, if it is the right type, by having a party member share it.

Mission types are identifiable by icon and not all missions or mission types have to be taken to continue progress in the game. Players will be able to redo ~90% of the missions in game although they are on a long cool down timer, allowing for the revisiting of content as desired but avoiding the "grind."

Secret World Legends players are limited to five mission types at a time: a story, action/sabotage, investigation, dungeon, and item. Progression through a given zone is driven by player, mission and enemy levels as well as the story mission. Players can have up to three item missions at a time. Players may also have an "Assignment" mission when in an eligible area but it does not take a mission slot.

Rewards for missions may include experience, anima shards, talismans, weapons, gadgets, pets and clothing.

There are a number of achievements that are related to missions, either directly (awarded for performing well or in a certain way in a specific mission) or indirectly (completing all item missions in a zone).

User Interfaces

Mission Status Overlays

  • There are several small icons that you may see over the mission icon.
Overlay paused.png Overlay progress.png Overlay cooldown.png Overlay locked.png
Paused In Progress Cooldown Locked
The mission is paused. You can resume it at the current tier by acquiring the mission again. The mission is in progress. The mission was completed and is on cooldown (if repeatable). The mission is locked due to unmet requirements.


We've created a "progression guide" for new players or players that want to maximize the story experience with minimal backtracking.
Curious players and veterans of the original incarnation of the game, may want to see what missions have been changed or removed.


Sometimes you may see a "locked" graphic on the lower right corner of a mission icon, that indicates that the mission has one or more special requirements that you do not currently meet. If you select the mission and mouse over it, the requirements will be listed above the mission title.
Some missions will not be visible until you've reached a certain level and/or reached a certain point in the main story.
Missions have a "recommended level" and a "minimum level".


Missions are categorized by their type. The types of missions include:


Main article: Category:Story missions

Mission Story.png Story missions are about the player discovering why the world is in the state that it is and how it got there. Progress is unlocked as players work through other mission types and explore the world.

Some of these missions are faction specific and cannot be shared with others, although players of other factions may sometimes have similar goals.

For a list of Story missions, check here Story missions

Icon Mission Type
Mission Story.png Story Missions
Mission Action.png Action Missions
Mission Item.png Side (Item) Missions
Mission Item Investigation.png Side (Item) Investigation Missions
Mission Investigation.png Investigation Missions
Mission Sabotage.png Sabotage Missions
SWL Assignment B.png Assignment Missions
Mission Dungeon.png Dungeon (Group) Missions
Mission Raid.png Raid Missions
Mission PVP.png PvP Missions
Mission Scenario.png Scenarios


Mission Action.png

Action missions require the player to defeat enemies, fight back invading forces, and discover the behaviors and weaknesses of certain monsters. Map markers or way-points may appear in some action missions.


Mission Investigation.png

Investigation, or puzzle, missions unique to Secret World. They will ask players to do everything from code-breaking on locks, hacking into computers, or even research on the internet. An in-game browser will be included, for out-of-game research methods similar to that of ARG's.

With the exception of the tutorial, this mission type is not available until you are at least level 4 and have completed through tier 4 of the Dawning of an Endless Night story mission.

An example walkthrough of an investigation mission can be found at CryGaia's Youtube Channel.

Helpful Hints

With investigation missions, you will need to read everything and explore things outside of the game. Here are 2 screenshots taken from different missions.

Left Example-InvestigationMission4.png

How might you approach these? Please note that both screenshots, which are taken from different missions, refer to a website. That website is www.orochi-group.com. You will need to visit that website, either using the in-game browser or your own desktop browser. When you visit that website, you will see that Orochi Group is composed of the following companies:


Each one of those companies has a website. You will also see that Orochi Group has an online Employee Finder. Perhaps, just perhaps, you could use that to learn more about that Employee ID. Perhaps there might be areas of the website that are useful for uncovering passwords.

You should also get very accustomed to using computers that you find in-game. Here is an example of a screen.


Some computers will be locked. If you type: hint at the bottom of the computer display, it will show a password hint. Sometimes, you can type hint a second time for an additional clue.


Mission Sabotage.png

Sabotage missions require stealth game play. They involve sneaking, evading, and hacking in enemy bases and utilities in order to disrupt their efficiency. Traps can be enabled/disabled by players to hinder or assist players in their actions.

Most sabotage missions have achievements available to them. Look for a yellow buff icon above your health bar.
Some sabotage missions will have enemies that you cannot defeat, they are often level 50 with over 100,000 hit points.


Mission Dungeon.png

Dungeon missions give you access to the dungeons. These are repeatable, and unlike the other mission types, they are not on a timer, so can run the same dungeon back-to-back.

Dungeons have two modes "story mode" and "elite". Story mode only requires 3 players of any type whereas "elite" is much more challenging.
Loot is given by special boxes within the dungeon. Players are given a number of keys each day and can buy more with Marks of Favour.
All Dungeons can be joined in their respective zones or with the Activity Finder feature.
Story mode dungeons have set level ranges. If your level is above the upper range, you will need to form or check the "private" group option.


Mission Raid.png

Raid missions allow you to enter a raid instance. Similar to dungeons, but requiring multiple groups.

You can join a raid with the Activity Finder if you meet the requirements.
If the raid is grayed out, the tooltip will tell you what need to do to meet the requirements.


Mission Item.png

Item missions are usually "pointer" missions sending you to a person or area where you'll find additional missions or events. Others are "flavor" missions that often tie back into the story mission or the general story line in the area. They are obtained by using an item found in the world, rather than speaking to an NPC. A character can have up to three active Item missions.

There is an alternate type of "item" mission with a bright green icon Mission Item Investigation.png that has some similarities to Investigation missions. However, within the mission tracker, it still counts as an item mission.

An example walkthrough of an item mission can be found at CryGaia's Youtube Channel.


SWL Assignment C.png
SWL Assignment B.png

Assignment missions are missions that are assigned to you automatically upon entering an area. They are typically "Kill X nearby mobs" type missions. They can only be done once per day, and do not appear within your Mission Journal.

When you are on an assignment, a bar will appear above your mission journal (shown to the right)
Usually an assignment will mark the area on your map and mini-map with a similar color used for action missions (a dark red circle).
If you leave the mission area, the mission will fail and you have to re-enter the area to start over again with a kill of 0.
Failing the mission by ignoring it or leaving the area has no penalty associated with it.
Rewards for Assignments are generally similar to item missions but are lower in value.


Main article: Scenario
Mission Scenario.png

Scenarios are short mini-instances that can be scaled not only on difficulty, but also on group size. There are also random variables that may or may not be used in any given occurrence of the instance. Additionally, end rewards are not based on pass-fail, but scale based on how well the players succeed.

You can quickly start a Scenario with the Activity Finder feature.


Faction missions aren't currently in Secret World Legends.

Other Information




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