Kingsmouth Lighthouse

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Kingsmouth Lighthouse
Kingsmouth Lighthouse.jpg
Map Coordinates: 900, 145
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Savage Coast
Type: Player versus environment

Helping to guide ships in their journey to the harbor, the Kingsmouth Lighthouse shines brightly across the ocean. Constructed in the late 1700s by the Illuminati, the lighthouse has more symbolism behind it than most tourists are aware of. The lighthouse was a message to the Templars, and any other enemies, that this was Illuminati territory.

Around and inside the building, Illuminati references can be found, hiding secrets and treasures of the past for only those who can find it. Legend has it the lighthouse contains a massive light bulb made by Thomas Edison that had the ability to destroy ships from hundreds of miles.

The towering Kingsmouth lighthouse was built in the late 1700s by the Illuminati, not only to guide ships into safe harbour, but also to make a clear and powerful statement: This was Illuminati territory, their eye was all-seeing, their light shone brighter and stronger than any other. After being forced to flee a Europe increasingly under the iron rule of the Templars, the Illuminati had now claimed North America as their domain.

Illuminati symbology is still prominent both inside and outside the lighthouse, and it is said that the massive tower contains many secrets; from a hidden staircase spiraling down into the rock the lighthouse stands on, to bronze panels laid into the walls inscribed with Egyptian sigils meant to protect the lighthouse from any occult attacks; from forgotten Illuminati tomes, to a massive lightbulb constructed by Thomas Edison that has the power to destroy ships a hundred miles away.

The lighthouse was automated years ago, and since then it has been mostly deserted and falling into disrepair. Recently, however, it was rented out to the bestselling -- and famously eccentric -- author Sam Krieg for reasons known only to him. Rumours have it that Krieg is suffering from writer's block, and sought the silence and solitude of this remote ivory tower in order to finish his long-awaited novel.

After the fog arrived, Krieg was believed dead, but in recent days shots have been heard from the top of the lighthouse, and the narrow bridge across the rocks on the savage coast of Solomon Island appears to be well protected.[1]



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Sam Krieg

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This location is included in Innsmouth Track & Field achievement.