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Region: Transylvania
Zone: Shadowy Forest
Location: Domus Rustica
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

In the course of the Mortal Sins questline the player discovers that Octavian is "the Eagle," an ally of Vlad Dracula and Cucucvea instrumental in the original downfall of Mara. In this capacity he is mentioned in Iazmăciune lore. He is far older than Mara, as he is an immortal ancient Roman.

According to Emma's vision in the intro cutscene for The Lurking Horrors, he killed the Ancient Roman worshipers of Sol Glorificus after they had arrived in the Carpathian Fangs region and built (and begun to dig too deeply in) the filth-polluted Roman Baths there. Upon completion of the Lurking Horrors mission, the player discovers Octavian's face (with the legend "Octavio") pictured in the cultists' main fresco commemorating the god, with both his inclusion and his impressive military dress suggesting that he arrived in the region as the leader of the cultists before turning on them.



  • None

Involved in


  • None - you only interact with him through mission cut scenes