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Region: Transylvania
Zone: Shadowy Forest
Location: Old Man's Bridge
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

Mosul appears to be an old man sitting on a bridge and fishing, in the The Shadowy Forest. However, upon talking to him, he claims to have been around since at least when Romania was known as Dacia. This would put in in Romain around 100 AD.

He is perhaps one of the Immortals. His talk of cycles of violence may refer to the various Ages. And, he also seems to indicate that he was present at the end of the Second Age when the Hell Dimension was closed off from our Earth [1]



Involved in



Yourself #1
Mosul: I do not live in these hills.
Mosul: I am made of these hills.
Mosul: Much before the forest grew here, I was its soil.
Mosul: When all around was rock,
Mosul: I was the mountainside.
Yourself #2
Mosul: After much time, man returned.
Mosul: I take the form of man for a wager.
Mosul: I was winner of this wager,
Mosul: or perhaps the loser.
Mosul: My memory is leaving me.
Yourself #3
Mosul: It dreams of escape, yes.
Mosul: It has been held for too long inside my form.
Mosul: Much stories must be emptied out,
Mosul: once for every traveler that crosses my bridge.
Yourself #4
Mosul: Then I sleep under the earth,
Mosul: to the end of time.


Transylvania #1
Mosul: Man brought many names to the land, so I learned them.
Mosul: Dacia was to me the most pleasing sound.
Mosul: In Dacia, I am given stories and gold.
Mosul: The gold I exchange for more stories.
Transylvania #2
Mosul: There is much curiousness then. Huh.
Mosul: Before the violence of Rome.
Mosul: For time, for much time,
Mosul: I leave the land.
Transylvania #3
Mosul: I travel and see more violence.
Mosul: In every direction, man upon man,
Mosul: man upon the land.
Transylvania #4
Mosul: I find an understanding:
Mosul: the men are driven by old power beneath the earth.
Mosul: I understand it is not man I distrust.
Mosul: Man acts out a brief part of a long cycle, yes.
Transylvania #5
Mosul: Romania.
Mosul: Tansylvania.
Mosul: This is how the land is called when I return.
Mosul: New names and new stories.

The secret world

The secret world #1
Mosul: Hmmm. I tell you there is power,
Mosul: much power,
Mosul: in stories and stones.
The secret world #2
Mosul: There are powers greater still.
Mosul: All stories were born from the smallest pieces of these powers.
Mosul: They remain after a time of great violence,
Mosul: the stars upon the soil.
The secret world #3
Mosul: It ends far beneath the earth, yes.
Mosul: Only nothing ends.
Mosul: I have heard its echo,
Mosul: I have seen its ripples echo, all around a changing world.
The secret world #4
Mosul: You race to tread in the footsteps left by man.
Mosul: You seek the knowledge that, so little time ago, man had already found.
Mosul: Only the telling of the stories changes. The stories are the same.
The secret world #5
Mosul: All the same.
Mosul: All of it is the truth.

Other Information

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