Paradise Now

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Paradise Now
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Moşul
Type: Dungeon
Reward: No Data
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Mosul remembers a magus who sought the portal to the Hell Dimensions at the old taverna: Wicker. If it was a place of power to him before, it should serve as another window into his Hellish war now.



Mosul: I remember another like you. It was a season past, or maybe twenty-five winters.
Mosul: A man comes searching, searching for the old traveller's rest. Inside he makes circles of chalk and salt.
Mosul: He seeks to open the hole that screams in the world, the place of starved cities.
Mosul: He comes to my bridge. Wicker, he is.
Mosul: I am fond of riddles and he riddles me.
Mosul: Wicker disguises his words to seem no wiser than man should be. Huh.
Mosul: He grows tired of this game much before I do.
Mosul: Then Wicker speaks in the oldest tongue.
Mosul: He has cut into his own mouth to allow these sounds.
Mosul: I show him fossil warnings, stories of stones.
Mosul: It is the truth of what he seeks. He will not hear it.
Mosul: In his mind is an age that never truly existed.
Mosul: I tell him the hole has healed over with new soil.
Mosul: I tell him I am made of earth and cannot lie.
Mosul: I do not tell him I learned to lie from man.
Mosul: Our story ends there, yes.
Mosul: I do not think the story of Wicker has.

Tier 1

  • Upon entering the quadrangle in Sheol
Wicker: Sheol is alive. It builds upon itself, cannibalises itself. Where it has been wounded, caustic antibodies escape.
  • After killing the Archaean Seismocratist and approaching the gates
Wicker: I believe those foundations, old growth, have escaped the attention of our invaders.
  • When approaching the Prime Maker
Wicker: These foundries were to cast our future, but they are turned on us. Release this molten-skinned forgemaster.
  • When entering the war camp
Wicker: I counsel evasion, not just for your sake. Too many profound creatures have already been lost.
  • When you engage the Flagellatrix Superior
Wicker: The power relay. Our enemy could choose no more strategic nor melodramatic a vantage point.
  • After defeating the Hadean Guard
Wicker: Go, we shall meet at the summit, I trust.
  • When teleporting to the summit of the power relay
Eblis: How every human, unable to resist an invitation to your own autopsy.
  • While fighting Eblis:
    • When Solar Collapse is being cast: Wicker: Cover yourself to endure this.
    • When Solar Collapse is being cast: Wicker: Find Sanctuary before his power breaks.
    • When Solar Collapse is being cast: Wicker? Eblis?: No shelter, not even death.
    • When Consummation is being cast:Eblis: What power you had is mine.
    • When Consummation is being cast:Eblis: Back where you belong, ape.

Final cutscene

Wicker: Despised by angles. Resented by demons.
Wicker: I apologise for this rude awakening to how alone and friendless man truly is in a pitiless universe.
Wicker: From its very formation, the universe has been unfair.
Wicker: It tends towards everything in its place, hates an overachiever. And what defines mankind,
Wicker: if not the need to commit great works?
Wicker: And to be made to suffer for them.
Wicker: The city is ruined, in its death throes. Entire demon tribes are decimated.
Wicker: Senseless slaughter, to what end? It's over, Saccharissa.
Saccharissa: No hard feelings, chief. It was fun.
Wicker: But you have won, so be gracious in victory.
Wicker: Treasure the home you can still return to. Protect it from the human stains of petty rivalry,
Wicker: or this shall be your future. Rust and vultures.
Wicker: Never come back to this place. Tell them that you saw the Hell Dimensions were lost in entropy.
Wicker: Tell them that Wicker is gone, a foolish man.
Wicker: (As groups of demons approach) My not come before me abject.
Wicker: Raise your proud and terrible heads. I will find you another world.
Wicker: A better world.
Wicker: Where angels fear to tread and

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Tier Objective Text
    • Cross the quadrangle in Sheol
    • Go behind enemy lines through the foundations
    • Defeat the Prime Maker
    • Sneak through the war camp
    • Defeat the Flagellatrix Superior
    • Reach the transport platform
    • Defeat the Hadean Guard
    • Ascend to the summit of the power relay
    • Overthrow Eblis




As above, so below. Wicker and Eblis were the same, in a way. Each sought an older image of the Hell Dimensions, a still life. One whose inhabitants would obey because obeying was all they knew. It was why they were created.

We knew those old ways were gone forever, but we did not appreciate the system that replaced it. The lack of a system. For inescapable entropy is, in itself, a force of change.

The Hell Dimensions will rebuild and tear themselves down anew, over and over, until the very last atoms. You have given us much insight into the model.


I bet you thought "Kirsten is going to flip her shit over this." I hate to burst your bubble, but a) I told you before about the first name thing, just don't do it, and b) I can't fake it in text.

I don't mean to make like an angel isn't a major deal, but we've been there, done that, paid off the trashed hotel rooms. Still, Eblis was due a smackdown, so kudos for delivering it. I'm going to give you an orange inbox highlight. Don't wear it out.

Wicker, well, if he wants to play hard-to-get we can deal. For now.



Well. We may have to have the angels-and-demons talk sooner rather than later. Suffice it to say that angels are rarely on the side of the angels.

However, fomenting total war between the Hell Dimensions and Earth is unheard least for as long as I have access to records. The Marshals could tell you a different story. They shall have to, if events continue to escalate.

Regardless, you have done well to survive war in a place where wars are endless. Wicker will not go unpunished; he has found a prison, quite literally, of his own making.

R. Sonnac


There is only 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1

  • Cross the quadrangle in Sheol
  • Go behind enemy lines through the foundations
    • Drop down after passing through the gates and then into the next boss fight area
    • Kill Lustrehunter
  • Defeat the Prime Maker
  • Sneak through the war camp
    • Run up the ramp leading out of the Prime Maker forge
    • There will be a Dynast of the Seep and an Inured to kill midway up the ramp
    • Once in the war camp, there will be numerous Inured, Dynast of the Seep, Infernal Overwatch, and Piston Predator to avoid (or fight)
    • Depending on how strong your group is compared to the dungeon, you could fight your way through it, but it's easiest to sneak and avoid what you can.
    • If you do fight an Infernal Overwatch, make sure to interrupt his Klaxon Call as it will summon other monsters and things can then begin to get out of hand.
    • To get through the camp -
      • After you get up the ramp, go left.
      • Take an immediate right.
      • You should see a passage on your left guarded by an Inured that you'll have to kill.
    • After him, keep an eye out for the Piston Predator in the next passage. Go past the Inured you killed to the end of that corridor and make a right.
      • In this room, head to the opposite corner from where you came in, watching for the Infernal Overwatch.
      • At the far corner, take a right out of the room.
      • Take another right at the second opening.
      • Skirt around the edges of this room to avoid the two Piston Predators - you'll want to go to the far wall and turn left
    • If all else fails, run like hell, hoping to get to a point where you can at least resurrect at the next Anima Well
  • Defeat the Flagellatrix Superior
  • Reach the transport platform
  • Defeat the Hadean Guard
  • Ascend to the summit of the power relay
    • Run up the ramp and into the circular device at the top of the ramp, it will teleport you to the top
  • Overthrow Eblis

Other Information


  • Hadean Guard most likely refers to Judas Iscariot, who in Christan mythology betrayed Jesus to the Romans leading to the death of Jesus
  • Hadean Guard most likely refers to Marcus Junius Brutus, the Younger, who is most commonly referred to simply as "Brutus" and is mostly known for his betrayal and assassination of Julius Caesar.
  • Hadean Guard most likely refers to Gaius Cassius Longinus, commonly referred to simply as "Cassius" who was one of the members of the plot to betray and kill Julius Caesar, along with Brutus.
  • In Dante's Inferno Judus, Brutus, and Cassius are the three most sinful of sinners and are found at the center of hell after the 9 rings. Satan is depicted as a three-headed creature with one of the 3 traitors in each mouth.
  • "Hadean" derives from the Greek word "Hades" - the underworld. Which makes the "Hadean Guard" the "Guards of the Underworld".
  • The name of the mission "Paradise Now" may be a reference to Dante's next book after the Inferno, Paradise where after visiting the 9 circles of hell (in Inferno) he visits the 9 spheres of Paradise
  • Eblis' title "Dominus Inferni in Profondis" translates to "Master in the depths of hell"
  • "Sheol" is the name of the city in the Hell Dimension that this takes place in. Sheol is a Hebrew word for "Hell" - "a place of darkness, silence, and dust to which the spirit, or vital principle, descends at death. It is likened to a vast house whose entrance is guarded, like family burial sites, by gates and iron bolts" [1]



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