Alina Florea

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Alina Florea
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Shadowy Forest
Coords: (709,1127)
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: [[Category:{{{type}}} Characters]][[:Category:{{{type}}} Characters|{{{type}}}]]
Voiced by: [[Lisa Hogg]]

Alina Florea is a member of the Morninglight who came to Transylvania along with Adrian Zorlescu, Rada Nastase, and a group of others including Céline Giroux, Laurent Giroux, and Aurélie.

Alina was ordered by Adrian to find a package from the Carpathian Fangs and deliver it to Philip Marquard. The package contained 4 crates and a briefcase of documents, all equipped with GPS tracking. [1] Since her truck crashed, she has been hiding out in the The Shadowy Forest, choosing not to return to the Morninglight Cabin as a result of her fear that Adrian is trying to kill her. [2]





All of my friends are dead. I don't mean they were killed... maybe some of them were, it's a fucking ugly world. I mean, I never knew them when they were alive. I'm glad. All that stupid, unpredictable noise, all that sticky heat. Erased. Blue-grey skin, perfectly cold to touch. Beautiful. I should have stayed in medical school. The social workers got that right. White lights on bright steel, the scent of antiseptics. When I walked into the morgue, I felt I had come home. But I went outside. I fell in with the wrong crowd. The ones who said Alina was their kind of freak. That we could make all the world a mortuary. It takes just a little time, a little money, little favours. Don't trust the living, there's my advice.


I know nothing about this place. We had been on the road away from Bucharest for months. City to city, town to town, until the drink and drugs ran out. Then drive, drive again. Morninglight church meetings. Staying in big houses, fancy hotels, I don't think we paid for any of them. There were noises in the night sometimes. Screams. It was like falling through a dream. I saw wolves running in the streets. Dead birds watching from the rafters. Adrian says we have to go far, out to the Carpathians. There is a hunting lodge in the mountains where we can say. Old friends. We knew he was lying, a shark has no friends, but it was too late. So we came here. Then the snow came, then Adrian's "friends" did. They were hungry.

The Morninglight

If it was like I can't tell you because they'd kill me, I'd do it. I'm not afraid to die, I've fantasised about it since my fourteenth birthday. A million ways and none of them like this. In Transylvania. I don't do vampires. Morninglight are worse than vampires. They don't just suck you dry and let you go, that's too easy. They change you. Empty out your mind and body, fill what's left of you with nightmares. Strip you down until you're just a thing, and it's still not over. There's no release. Only the changing. It's best when the eyes are gone. You can't look into a - what do you say, tentacle? - and see what's trapped behind it. I'm not ending up like that. No way. I won't have the oblivion I dreamed of, but I'll take death cheap and dirty over the Morninglight.


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