Western boots

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Western boots
Western boots, dark blue, side.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Feet
Source: Women's Vintage Clothing
Price: 15000 Pax Romana

Despite only being one item named Western boots there is really multiple styles. They all have the same standard cut and shape, but some of them are plan while some others are decorated. The boots are standard American western style women's boots with short heel, pointed toe, and and a fairly wide top at about the top of the calf.

black brown grey, light blue dark blue, green, light brown,

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The Western boots are available in the following colors

  • Black - Plain
  • Brown - Light/Medium brown, plain
  • Dark Blue - Almost black. With a grey/purple toe, and grey stenciling
  • Green - An yellowish olive green (baby-poop green), with a yellowish-green stenciling
  • Grey - Light/medium grey. It appears to have stencil if you look extremely close, but it is in the same color as the boot itself and so not easily seen
  • Light Blue - Light/medium purplish blue, plain
  • Light Brown - Light brown, with a red stencil pattern outlined in a very light grey/brown
  • Light Purple - Plain


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