Vintage leather jacket

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Vintage leather jacket
Vintage leather jacket, brown, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Coats
Source: Women's Vintage Clothing
Price: 15000 Pax Romana

The Vintage leather jacket is a four-pocket leather jacket worn open. The sleeves are rather short, only coming to mid-forearm, and the jacket itself rather long, falling to just below the crotch. There are pockets on either breast as well as hand pockets on either side at the bottom. There appear to be two buttons on the front, but it's hard to tell if they are decorative or not, it appears as if the jacket is not meant to be closed.

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The Vintage leather jacket are available in the following colors

  • Black
  • Brown - Medium brown
  • Dark Green - Military green
  • Grey - So light it appears to be white rather than grey
  • Light Brown - Beige


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