Slash collar striped shirt

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Slash collar striped shirt
Slash collar stripped shirt, black with white, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Chest
Source: Women's Vintage Clothing
Price: 4000 Pax Romana

Slash collar striped shirt is a short-sleeved woman's shirt. It has about a dozen fairly wide horizontal stripes running across it in alternating colors (except for the 'rainbow' version which has multiple colors). The collar has an unusual diagonal cut to it, and appears to have buttons along the cut, although it also appears they are decorative and the collar would never look right if buttoned up. The sleeves come midway down the upper arm. There also appears to be a pass-through pocket in the front of the shirt. The shirt appears untucked / over any pants being worn.

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The Slash collar striped shirt are available in the following colors

  • Black with white
  • Blue with white
  • Rainbow
  • Red with black
  • Yellow with green


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