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Game overview

Secret World Legends is an "shared world" RPG developed by Funcom. It is a relaunch of The Secret World.

Secret World Legends takes place in modern day locations such as New York, London, Seoul, Solomon Island, and Valley of the Sun God which will be featured in the game for players to explore and enjoy.

The release date was June 26th 2017, with headstart accessing starting on June 23rd 2017. It was launched on Steam on July 31st 2017.



  1. Dialogue choices are more than one line. If you're talking to an NPC, keep clicking on the dialogue choice until it turns to a green check mark. Some of the best writing is in those extra bits of voiceover.
  2. When you create a new bag from your inventory, if you click on the lock button, it stays open when you close the inventory. This is how you can create an "item hotbar" say for your anima potions.
  3. When hunting for lore bits, don't forget to look up. Not everything is at ground level.

Death & Resurrection

  1. You have to discover new anima wells to be able to use them for resurrection. Discover just means getting close to them.
  2. When you die, you can choose to resurrect at any of the anima wells in the zone that you have already discovered.
  3. You can teleport to any known anima well by clicking on it from the map. This will cost you a small number of anima shards. (Patrons are not charged.)
  4. Once you resurrect, running back to your body is optional. You can just right-click on the anima well and come back to life at that location.
  5. If you choose to go back to your body, once you get back within 14 meters of your body, you'll be able to sense the mobs that are nearby. You can resurrect anywhere within a 14 foot circle, so pick your spot carefully. Don't forget to look behind you!
  6. If your anima well is very close to where your body is, it is possible to get back and resurrect before the mobs have cleared their hate for you. Take your time or else you're going to come back at 1/2 life with the mobs chasing you down to kill you again. And since they did it once...
  7. Each time you die, your anima reserves go down, you can replenish them by clicking on the small vertical bar on the left side of your ability bar.

Loot & Items

  1. Quick looting - be in range of the loot icon, press v. Everything from the mob will automatically be added to your inventory.
  2. Item drops - only champions will drop actual items. You will get weapons and talismans as mission rewards. Other enemies have a chance to drop caches (requiring keys to open) starting at level 15.

Anima and Skill Points

Skills - General

Quests & Zones

Upgrading and Fusion

Gear Management

  1. The gear manager from The Secret World has been temporarily removed, although still accessible from the command line.

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