Frilled shirt

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Frilled shirt
Frilled shirt, dark blue, front.png
Gender: Female
Slot: Chest
Source: Women's Vintage Clothing
Price: 15000 Pax Romana

The Frilled shirt is a long-sleeved shirt that appears to made of some lightweight fabric. The sleeves have cuffs at the wrists. The bottom of the shirt appears to tuck into whatever pants are being worn. There are ruffles of around the neck, over the shoulders, and down the front as well as the main fabric of the shirt having frills down the front as well. In some colors the ruffles are an off color, in some they are the same color as the main part of the shirt. There is also a string tie tied in a bow.

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The Frilled shirt are available in the following colors

  • Black - Shirt and ruffles are black, tie is red
  • Dark Blue - Shirt is purple, ruffles are light/medium-blue, tie is light-blue/cyan
  • Dark Pink - Shirt is a dark pink, ruffles are a light pink, tie is a light-blue/cyan
  • Grey - Shirt is a light/medium grey, ruffles are a light grey, tie is dark blue
  • White - Shirt and ruffles are white, tie is red


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