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=== Images ===
=== Images ===
Zagan.jpg|Zagan logo
MissionTitle_ClimbingZagan.png|Climbing Zagan loading screen
ClimbingZagan.jpg|Orochi Tower lobby

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Type: Non-player Character
Headquarters: Tokyo

Zagan is one of the eight subsidiaries[1] of the Orochi Group. They are primarily involved in production of packaged food and drinks, and also researching and developing technologies for healthy and sustainable foods.

Some of their products include vat-grown meat, baby food, and soda. [2] However, according to the Buzzing, Zagan has also considered the idea of using psycho-chemical drugs in their products as a form of behaviour modification or mind control. The buzzing further references how the Cordyceps[3], a fungus, controls the minds of ants, possibly hinting that the Cordyceps presence in some of the filth infected of Kaidan may have been brought by Zagan. [4]

Zagan occupies floors 2-9 of Orochi Tower in Kaidan.

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