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Wendigo are crawling cannibalistic monsters found in North America.[1]



The Wendigo of North America are said to be the vestiges of humans who turned to cannibalism and for their spite of humanity, they were outcast not just by their fellow man, but by life and the Earth herself. However the truth is that the wendigo strain origin is now lost to millennia. The early Native Americans tried at first to help those who had transformed, rehabilitate them, but they came to realise that once turned, these once-men could only be destroyed.[1]


They were once normal humans, until dark spirits possessed their bodies and turned them into cannibalistic, flesh-craving monstrosities. They can be identified by their four-legged crawl and deformed face.


Rage heightens their hunger and the hunger never abates. It is a cycle that makes the Wendigo's unnaturally long life one of feast, famine and fury. The Wendigo have endured, solitary, in the last wildernesses. Their accursed metabolism is a torture, independently of how much they consume, they can never be sated. As the craving for flesh grows, so does their desperation, driving them further out of their habitual hunting grounds in search of prey.[1]

Wendigo sometimes steal objects from their victims.[2]

Wendigo seem to be found both in "Packs" as well as some "loners". The ones found in Kingsmouth and Savage Coast tend towards loners, while those in Blue Mountain have formed packs.


The following packs have been seen on Solomon Island


Nearly all Wendigo are able to cast Wendigo Psychosis. Many of them are also able to cast Devour Soul.


Monster - Wendigo
Name Objective
The Cursed Kill 10 Wendigo
Taboo Kill 25 Wendigo
Cannibal Kill 50 Wendigo
Pet Cemetery Kill 100 Wendigo
Flesh Feaster Kill 500 Wendigo
Gluttonous Kill 1,000 Wendigo
Wendigo Psychosis Kill 5,000 Wendigo
Eternal Hunger Kill 10,000 Wendigo

Wendigo Rares
Name Objective
Algernon Kill Algernon rare spawn

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