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They Mostly Come At Night
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Location: Smith's Cabin
Start Coords: (625,644)
Given by: Emma's drawings
Type: Action
Reward: 797,700 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

These drawings look like they've been ripped from a child's nightmare. Whoever drew these scenes of terror has seen them vividly, with a grim certainty that must have come from more than imagination..



You bend down to look at the drawings. As you reach out to touch one, sparks jump from it to your hand. You look around, and when you look back to the drawings again, Emma Smith is sitting next to them.

Emma Smith: The first dream is always at the playground.
Emma Smith: I left this memory for you.
Emma Smith: I knew you'd come. I knew you'd find it.
Emma Smith: I think this one's a barn. We passed by one just like it when they brought me here.
Emma Smith: We were escaping the Abyss...the Breach.
Emma Smith: It's what they call what's in the mountain, in the chasm.
Emma Smith: I'm used to having dreams about things that have been, or are, or will be.
Emma Smith: I'm not so used to having my dreams come to life.
Emma Smith: Finally, there's a church. I've never been. If there is a god, I don't need to go there to talk to it.
Emma Smith: I can probably talk to the god inside my head. It's how I talk to everything.
Emma Smith: That thing is in all of them, the sickly thing. It's been sent to take me.
Emma Smith: Usually the dreams pass, once I've seen them.
Emma Smith: Not this one.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Emma uses pictures and dolls to depict the revenants in her dreams...and her life. The first preys on her childhood, calling her to come out to play. Emma's pictures can be used to track the revenants, and her charmed doll to banish them.
    • Pick up Emma's doll
  • Tier 2: Emma uses pictures and dolls to depict the revenants in her dreams...and her life. The second preys on her fears, hiding in the shadows of a field.
    • Find the first revenant and banish it
  • Tier 3: Emma uses pictures and dolls to depict the revenants in her dreams...and her life. The third preys on her doubts, twisting her soul whenever it seeks guidance.
    • Find the second revenant and banish it
  • Tier 4: Emma uses pictures and dolls to depict the revenants in her dreams...and her life. The The final revenant
    • Find the third revenant and banish it
    • Enter Emma's Dream World
  • Tier 5: Inside Emma's dreams, the revenants feed on her unconscious to replenish their strength. They will not rest until they pinpoint her location. Unless they are destroyed, they will continue preying on her dreams and bleeding through the boundaries of her mind.
    • Destroy the revenants
    • Escape Emma's Dream World




We too have hunted in dreams. It is where our enemies are weakest.

Do not be anxious, we have great respect for the autonomy of our agents. When we visit you on the oneiric planes, it is merely as gentle guides, not as hunters.

As for Emma's astral projections, it is much like the story of Han Xianzi. You and I are no less familiar with it, or course - the power to be in two places at once. To be multiple is glorious, but nothing compares to the moment we merge back into one. That moment of unity is something Emma Smith must learn to cherish: when she projects, much like when she dreams, she opens herself to us, as well as to her enemies.

Given what we know of her, it would be better for all involved if Emma Smith were to remain concealed.


Someone's going to a lot of trouble to hunt down Emma Smith. Possibly a whole army of someones. Her astral projection levels are impressive, but not necessarily related to her prime function.

Whatever Emma sees in her dreams is way beyond subjective experience. Revenant stalkers we know all about - it's everything else she sees that's got us so interested.

Zurn wants you to drop everything and focus on bringing the kid in. You're not going to do that. You appear to be building something out there - let's play out this "trust" angle and see if we can get Emma to come to you. We believe that every time she projects or dreams she opens herself up to whoever's after her.

She can't hide forever.



The name Emma Smith is on everyone's lips. And, given the skill set she is demonstrating, she is likely quite well aware of it. The poor child must be terrified.

The files indicate that Emma has a London connection. Frankly, I am a little embarrassed. Had we known she would be in such danger - and of such interest - we would have done everything possible to ensure her safety. We simply didn't know.

Other than astral projection, it appears Emma has a talent for something called "virgula divina." Whatever it is she is meant to divine, the test scores indicate she is exceedingly good at it.

Do whatever you can to help her, in dreams and otherwise.

R. Sonnac


There are x tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

  • Pick up Emma's doll
    • On the ground next to the pictures
    • You'll receive a Needle and Mr Ruffles
    • Equip Emma's doll Mr Ruffles as a weapon. Make sure that you have good abilities with your other weapon, the doll will not help you fight
  • Find the first revenant and banish it

Tier 2/5

Tier 3/5

Tier 4/5

  • Enter Emma's dream world
    • Timed: 20 seconds
    • Run to the wall at the back of the chapel
    • You will enter "Emma's Dream"
    • You must enter the dream world within the timer, or else you have to fight the 3rd revenant again

Tier 5/5

Other Information

Related Achievements




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