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The Girl is Gone
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Coords: (1006,916)
End location: [[(898,645)]]
Given by: Lidiya's terminal
Type: Action
Reward: 888,880 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

A Phoenician agent is hunting for a girl, and finding the girl appears to be very important. Follow the agent and attempt to foil her plans..



You're looking through a window into another room in the facility. Lidiya is working on a laptop. A large vampire hybrid comes in, and so does another woman. You cannot see the woman because the vampire is blocking your view of her.

Lidiya: (as they come in) What...?
Lidiya: I'm, sorry, I... I wasn't expecting to see you here.
The other woman is apparently talking to Lidiya, but you can't hear her
Lidiya: Mhm. Right, yes, of course. I do understand your concern, ma'am, and we are investigating. The thing is...
Lidiya: The thing is, she's vanished.
Lidiya: We... Uh...
Lidiya: We had the house under surveillance, and we kept a safe distance, just like you asked us to. Until yesterday.
Lidiya: We hadn't detected any activity for twenty-four hours. No chatter, no heat signatures... No light or movement.
Lidiya: They had the best protections your labs are able to come up with, but our sorcerers have...experience breaking Manticore occultech.
Lidiya: We went in with a team. And...
Lidiya: the girl is gone. But we'll...
The other woman seems to interrupt to say something
Lidiya: When have we ever not delivered? My guys are the best, and you know that.
Lidiya: Say whatever you want about the Phoenicians, we never back out of a deal, we never double-cross anyone, and we always deliver. Always.
The other woman leaves and Lidiya gets back on her computer, apparently starting a voice or video chat with someone
Lidiya: Hey. We have a problem. Lilith's back, and the girl is gone.
Lidiya: We need to get her back, light right now. I want you on the ground in ten minutes.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Lidiya, a Phoenician agent, was having a meeting with a mysterious woman. Lidiya is apparently under order to find a very important girl and bring her to the mysterious woman, called Lilith. At the end of the meeting Lidiya talked to a contact on her radio and ordered the contact on the ground. The radio is set to channel 14 and there's a tracking device next to it. Attempt to track the signal to locate Lidiya and her contact.
    • Pick up the tracking device.
    • Locate the entrance to the Red Hand compound.
    • Use the tracking device to track the signal
    • Destroy the scrambling device
  • Tier 2: Something is obscuring and scrambling the signals. Destroy the device to get a better read.
    • Use the tracking device to track the signal
    • Destroy the scrambling device
  • Tier 3: The signal is weak and hard to read. Try to get a better read with the equipment in the nearby communications bunker.
    • Enter the communications bunker
    • Use the communications terminal to locate the signal
  • Tier 4: The signal appears to be coming from the observatory. Get over there as fast as possible and try to find Lidiya and her contact.
    • Go to Lidiya's hideout
    • Inspect the laptop
    • Defeat Lidiya
  • Tier 5: Lidiya got away, and there's the sound of a helicopter nearby. Find and stop the helicopter.
  • Scout for the helicopter
  • Pick up an explosive charge
  • Blow up the helicopter




Pity the Phoenician sailor, reduced to a paper boat drawn into a maelstrom. You will learn from her failure: at the heart of the whirlpool, the roaring truth is glimpsed.

Lilith is a name that echoes down civilisations. A red dragon, timeless, uncoiling. Her claws ache to reign in chaos, but she is nothing like us. If she has chosen to act, our model is useless now. The equations are changed.

In rare times, we must take opposite measures. Seek the constant. Find the girl. Alone, she cannot comprehend the storm she was brought here to predict.


I have to say, I'm impressed. You've been pulling some real superspy shit recently, maybe you need to be incentivized at gunpoint more often. God knows I know it gets results.

The ice queen is ex-KGB - I mean, aren't they all? - you did good to punk her. She's a real operator, we've reached out before and gotten the old pliers-and-bolt cutters treatment.

Takeaway: if the Phoenicians have one of their top hunters on the scene, either this girl, this client ("Lilith," how earthy) or both are important. I want you to ride this one all the way, don't settle for second base.



This is quite the confluence of concerning developments. I shall try to address them in order.

Lidiya is a Phoenician manhunter of considerable infamy - you did well to survive your little tête-à-tête. I'm beginning to think she has more lives than even the likes of you.

With regards to the girl, I trust I am not the only one reminded of what you uncovered in that Orochi institution. I also trust that we are the only party looking for her with good intentions.

As for "Lilith"...we should hope it is a code-name, for the sake of all. Be mindful.

R. Sonnac


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

  • Pick up the tracking device
    • On the bench at the mission start
    • You will receive a Signal tracker in your inventory
  • Locate the entrance to the Red Hand compound
    • Marked on your map, at (1028,814)
    • You do not need the tracker to get to the compound, just run over to it
  • Use the tracking device to track the signal
  • Destroy the scrambling device
    • Red out-lined "Signal jammer"

Tier 2/5

  • Use the tracking device to track the signal
  • Destroy the scrambling device

Tier 3/5

  • Enter the communications bunker
  • Use the communications terminal to locate the signal
    • On a raised platform in the middle of the building
    • Inside the small building is a yellow-outlined terminal
    • Enter "track 14" to scan for the signal

Tier 4/5

  • Go to Lidiya's hideout
  • Inspect the laptop
    • Yellow-outlined laptop inside the main observatory dome
  • Defeat Lidiya
    • The doors to the observatory will be blocked so you have to fight inside it
    • Just before you kill her, she will run off

Tier 5/5

  • Scout for the helicopter
    • Run up the ramp to the top of the observatory
  • Pick up an explosive charge
    • In the yellow-outlined crate at the top of the ramp
  • Blow up the helicopter
    • Run out on to the observatory door and click on the helicopter

Other Information

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