The Dragon

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The Dragon
Type: Secret Societies
Key people: Bong Cha, Daimon Kiyota
Headquarters: Seoul

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The Dragon are a player and NPC secret society which utilize Chaos theory to "guide" the world into chaotic harmony; small ripples leading to tsunamis of change. The society is the most mysterious of the three and even members of the faction are not told its true goals.

A whisper of a rumour of a shadow, this Asian group is the most secretive of societies. With no fixed territory or structure, the Dragon have dissolved and reformed throughout history. They believe that a closed, controlled society is a sick society. Only through collapse and rebuilding, the natural chaos of life, can the world be in harmony. Recently, they have taken root in a nameless district of Seoul, Korea.

The Dragon uniforms To an outsider, their strategies are incomprehensible. Fractal patterns, chaos theory, random numbers, unrelated events. The Dragon understand that there is no pattern, only acts of great change to be committed. From a whisper to an explosion, they divine that an incident here, a disappearance there, can change the course of everything; acupuncture applied to a paralysed planet.

The Dragon character In the order of the Dragon, you are given the entire cosmos in potential. They have practiced martial and mental arts attuned to the true harmony of the world. The most dangerous and unpredictable of magics bend to the wills of those who are dangerous and unpredictable. In the approaching dark times, things will never be the same again. You are in the Dragon's element.

"True harmony is described in the moment the rake passes through the Zen garden" Dragon proverb

These guys believe that the world needs to descend into chaos before achieving balance. They're unknowable...they are chaotic...they are like the Chinese puzzle box - secrets within secrets within secrets.
Ragnar Tørnquist, Source
What sort of player will most enjoy playing as a Dragon character? Ragnar Tornquist: They're a bit of a puzzle box--hard to understand until you really get under their skin--and high up in the ranks, which is going to take a long time. Their ulterior motive won't become clear until the game's launched and players have settled in. I guess people who like a bit of mystery... The Dragon has patience. Not that playing a Dragon initiate is going to be boring, though if you're looking for clear answers [from this group], you may end up a bit frustrated.
Ragnar Tørnquist, Source

First Appearance

A flash based quiz was added to the front page of the Dark Days Are Coming website. Players could take the quiz to see which of the three revealed player factions their temperament would fit into best. After completing the quiz, players were offered the option to view descriptions for each of the factions. The following description was given for the Dragons:

"The Art of Chaos"

Manipulators and conspirators, the Dragon have survived for millennia by playing their enemies against each other. Since before the first empire, through the aggression of the Mongol Khans and the ebb and tide of political change, a whisper in the right ear, a strategic assassination, alliances carefully crafted and broken - and the world eventually bends to the patient will of the immortal Dragon.

With a spiritual and philosophical approach to the secret crafts, as an acolyte of the Dragon you are taught to listen, shown how to teach others, and expected to respect the balance of the universe and to be humble in the face of fate. Yours is not the path of force, though force is often needed to clear the path.

Few know of the Dragon and their long history, and that is how the Dragon want it. You are invisible but pervasive, silent but all-knowing, and when the other secret societies have decimated each other, you will rebuild the world from the ruins of their arrogance.

The Dragon is too easily underestimated, but those who do so live to regret it - or die before they get the chance.
Flash Quiz,


The buzzing hint that the philosophy of the Dragon may have been started during the 1st Age, and had followers ever since.[1]

Shrouded in secrecy the Dragon is considered the most mysterious of secret societies, even to its members. Dragon believe in the idea that seemingly insignificant events can lead to cataclysmic change; ripples spreading across the world.

Through the ages, the Dragon dissolve and reform. The location of the headquarters shifting with each generation as it resets and begins again. The only continuity are the silent monks, who have the ages' old task of finding the new leader and acquiring the agents needed to assist in keeping the world on the proper destiny.

Without the head of the Dragon, the body does not survive and the cycle is reset. The head, always a child at selection, is fiercely guarded by the Mute Monks and communication with and translation of the boy's orders to the body of the Dragon are done by his right hand, name, as of yet, unknown.

The body of the Dragon is formed by two sets of people. The first, used by the Dragon to cause small actions weaving into a greater whole. And the second, members who are not voluntarily recruited but are instead chosen for service. Abducted by the Mute Monks, new recruits are deposited in a neighborhood in Seoul, trapped until they discover the clues that lead them into the headquarters. Few direct orders are ever issued; instead members to are expected to follow the tenets of the Dragon and to instinctively understand how to meet their goals.[2][3][4]

The current Dragon reformed in Seoul sometimes after the end of the second world war; the end of the previous generation.[4]

All war is deception.

When they think we are in front of them, we are behind them. When they think we are weak, we are strong. When they think we are few, we are legion. For there ever to be true balance, there must first be chaos. And chaos is ours to orchestrate. One word can equal the might of a thousand swords. And one sword can obliterate a thousand lives. Everyone and everything has a purpose and a path, if only as a ruse or a diversion. Everything can be manipulated into usefulness by those who truly understand the very nature of things. We understand. We create chaos in order to achieve balance. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

We are Dragon, and we have both.
Initiation Video, Video


Little is known about the origin of the Dragon, its lore is scarce and difficult to obtain; many assume it began in East Asia. Few chronicles exist from previous cycles; evidence suggests that they played a roll in the fall of the Tower of Babel, the Mongol hordes, the death of Caesar, and the French Revolution.[4]

The Lore honeycombs for The Dragon are all located in Seoul. You can find the transcript on the main article page, Lore:Dragon.

The Secret War

The Dragon do not have the long standing rivalry of the other two participants but do continue to battle against the Illuminati and the Templars at sanctioned areas and in the manipulation of the financial and political worlds.[3]

They (the Dragon) are the manipulators and agitators in the wars between the secret societies - they like playing the Illuminati and the Templars off against each other, so long as they're there to pick up the pieces.
Ragnar Tørnquist, Source

Known Members

Council of Venice Members
Name Role Condition
Dylan Keane
Mei Ling
Mizuki Koga



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