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Talismans are equipped, non-visible, items that allow players to increase specific stats; serving the purpose of more traditional MMO-style armor. Each deck of abilities a player creates will be able to store specific sets of talismans for easy storage and gear-changes from one build to another.[1][2] Talismas are available from vendors, missions, loot drops, and via Assembly

There are seven talisman slots divided into three rows: head, major, and minor. These are viewable on the Gear Management option on the character screen; weapons are also viewable here. Each talisman has a unique shape and the Major and Minor talismans have the same icon color.

Each talisman type increases health, healing, or attack rating, in different combinations. These combinations correspond to the three player roles: Tank (damage absorption), DPS (Damage Per Second), or Heal (your ability to heal others as well as yourself). Tank talismans grant a large increase to Health and a small increase to Attack Rating. DPS talismans grant a large increase to Attack Rating and a small increase to Health. Healing talismans grant a moderate increase to Heal rating and a slightly larger increase to Health.

Players receive a starting set of talismans when they choose their first weapon during the first quest line. These talismans are all DPS and are common quality, white border.

Common and uncommon forms of the talismans exist.

The alphabetical listing of all types of purchased, quested, or looted Category:Talismans. For a list of talismans by slot, click on the links below.

Each item has a specific name based on the role it supports, identified in the appropriate section below.

Head talismans

Head talismans are orange with an octagon shape.

PigmentTalisman.jpgHealing: Blood
AshesTalisman.jpgDPS: Ashes
BloodTalisman.jpgTanking (Health/Hit Point Increase): Pigment

Major talismans

The Major Talisman row is made up of the Finger, Neck, and Wrist talismans.

The Finger talisman icons are pentagons, tilted to the left.

Neck talisman icons are hexagons.

Wrist talismans are also pentagons, titled to the right.

BandTalisman.jpgAmuletTalisman.jpgTimepieceTalisman.jpgHealing: Band/Amulet/Timepiece (formerly "Chronometer")
RingTalisman.jpgPendantTalisman.jpgBraceletTalisman.jpgDPS: Ring/Pendant/Bracelet
KnotTalisman.jpgMedallionTalisman.jpgBracerTalisman.jpgTanking (Health/Hit Point Increase): Knot/Medallion/Bracer

Minor talismans

The Minor Talisman row is made up of the Luck, Waist, and Occult talismans. Each talisman slot in this row is rotated 180 degrees from the Major row, a card in reverse.

The Luck talisman icons are pentagons, tilted to the left.

Waist talisman icons are hexagons.

Occult talismans are also pentagons, titled to the right.

CardsTalisman.jpgBuckleTalisman.jpgCharmTalisman.jpgHealing: Cards/Buckle/Charm
DiceTalisman.jpgChainTalisman.jpgEffigyTalisman.jpgDPS: Dice/Chain/Effigy
CoinsTalisman.jpgBeltTalisman.jpgBoneTalisman.jpgTanking (Health/Hit Point Increase): Coin/Belt/Bone