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GUI stands for "Graphical User Interface". It is a generic computer term for on-screen displays and buttons. Commands entered by typing them instead of clicking on them are referred to as "Command Line Interface" (CLI) as opposed to the graphical GUI.
The basic components of the GUI are explained below
The main menu is where you configure the game's controls and audio/visual settings.
The default to activate the main menu is <pre>F10</pre>.
* '''[[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Audio|Audio Options]]''' - Audio Configuration
* '''[[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Video|Video Options]]''' - Video/Graphics Configuration
* '''[[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Interface|Interface Options]]''' - GUI Configuration
* '''Character Select''' - Return to Character Select
* '''Exit Game''' - Exit To Desktop
* '''Resume Game''' - Close Main Menu
== HUD ==
=== Always Present ===
Some items These are always displayed on this main screen:present by default, individual UI elements can be moved, disabled, or scaled. ==== Top Bar ===* '''Menu Button''' - Gives Pull down menu.* '''[[Patron]]''' - Manage Patron (Membership) Status* '''[[Daily Login Rewards]]''' - Claim Daily Login Rewards* '''[[Aurum]]''' - Amount of Aurum you access to the main menuhave. (The green plus overlay will display a purchase window.)* '''[[Marks of Favor]]''' - Amount of Marks Of Favor you have.* '''[[Anima Shards]]''' - Amount of Anima Shards you have.
* '''Compass''' - Shows the direction you are facing
* '''Blue SP''' - Unspent [[Skill Point]]s
* '''Orange AP''' - Unspent [[Ability Point]]s
* '''Latency''' - Uses a symbol similar to cell-phone bars to display your [[Glossary#Latency|Latency]]
* '''Clock''' - The clock can show either in-game or real-world time. Clicking on the time switches between the two.
* '''Lock''' - Clicking on the lock on the upper right lets you move UI elements. (For more customization, use [[SWL_GUI_MAIN_MENU_Interface|Interface Options]] from the Main Menu.)  ==== Right Side ===  ==== Bottom ===* '''Chat Window''' - Used for chatting with other players, combat information, messages, and other text-based information. See [[Chat window]] for more details.
* '''Your Information'''
** Health Bar - Your current and maximum health. As you are wounded the health bar will decrease as well as change colors so that you can easily get an estimate of your current health without having to read the numbers** Status Effects - There is an icon . Icons for any [[HinderedGlossary#Buff|Buffs]], or [[AfflictedGlossary#Debuff|Debuffs]], [[Weakened]], and [[Impaired]]. These currently active on you will light up whenever you are suffering from one of these effects. See [[Status Effect]] for more information on Status effectsappear above your health bar.** **  
* '''Active Ability Hotbar''' - This is where you [[Ability#Active Abilities|Active Abilties]] are displayed. You can also click on the abilities from here to use them. See [[Ability]] for more information on abilities.
Other items may show up depending on what you are currently doing:
* '''Your Information''' - Additional icons and information may show up around your healthbar
** Icons for any [[Glossary#Buff|Buffs]] or [[Glossary#Debuff|Debuffs]] currently active on you
** [[Resource|Resource Points]] you currently have when using a [[Weapon|Melee Weapon]] or [[Weapon|Magic Weapon]]
* '''Mini-map''' - This will almost always be there, but on occasion there are a few areas that do not have mini-maps available. See [[Mini-map]] for more details on the maps features and functions
* '''Mission Tracker''' - The name may be confused with the objective marker, but this is where your currently active missions are displayed. The one you last accepted or most recently selected will be displayed under you mini-map. You can see you other current mission by moving your cursor to the right-hand of the screen, and the other active missions will slide out from the side where you can then select them. Clicking on a mission will bring up it's entry in your [[Mission Journal]]
* '''Notifications''' - Some events create notification icons
** Orange AP = Unspent [[Ability Point]]s
** Blue SP = Unspent [[Skill Point]]s
** Yellow Honeycomb - New [[Lore]] learned
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