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Skill points (SP) can be used to purchase skills for either your Main Weapon, your Auxiliary Weapon, your Talismans, or to be able to use Augments.

All four of these groups are visible via the "Character Skill Points" page on your GUI, accessible via the "K" key.

Currently, there is a cap of 40 points on how many unspent Skill Points you can hold before any further skill points are lost. After you have 40 unspent points, any further experience gain will not grant more Skill Points until some of your current points are spent and you will receive an on-screen warning message each time you would have gained a point but could not.


Main article: Augment
Augment skills.jpg

At the top of the page is the skills for Augments. There is one skill for each type of Augment (Damage, Healing, Support, Survivability)

Each skill has 5 ranks. And each rank costs 30 Skill Points.

Purchasing each rank of a skill grants you the following:

  • The ability to use an Augment resonator of that type, at that level (rank 1 allows for Quality Level 1 resonators, rank 5 allows for Quality Level 5 resonators)
  • Each rank of the skill allows you to hold more unspent Ability Points before reaching their cap.

The Ability Point cap raise granted by each skill is shown in the table below:

Rank AP Cap Increase
1 5
2 10
3 15
4 25
5 30

These cap raises are cumulative from rank to rank, as well as skill to skill. So, for any one of the skills, rank 5 would give you a total increase of 85 Ability Points. And, combined with all 4 skills, you could increase your Ability Point cap by 340.

Main Weapons


See the individual weapon pages linked below for details per specific to each weapon

Weapon skills are the next blocks on the Character Skills page. There is one group for each major weapon type (Melee, Ranged, and Magic). For each group, there is an entry for each weapon in that group.

The skill for each weapon can be expanded by clicking on it, to show that there is actually two skills per weapon. Every weapon has a Damage skill, and then the second skill is based on the main role that weapon typically fulfills - Healing, Support, or Survivability.

Increasing your skill ranks in your main weapons grants the following:

  • Enables you to use weapons Quality Levels.
  • Improves your to-hit rolls, allowing for fewer glancing blows against higher level encounters.
  • Improves the passive ability that that is automatically applied to your character as long as a weapon of that type is equipped

Each of which can be increased up to rank 10. For the purpose of calculating maximum Quality Level weapon your an equip, and the bonus to your to-hit roll - only the highest rank of the two are considered. For this reason, it is typically best to level up either the Survivability or Damage skill for your weapon first rather than equally raising both. The passive bonus granted by the weapon is different for each skill type (damage/survival), and so which of the two available skills you raise for your weapon should be dependent on which passive bonus is the most useful to you.

The cost for each rank in each skill is the same as the rank level you're wanting to go to. i.e. - 1 Skill Point for rank 1, 2 Skill Points for rank 2, 10 skill points for level 10, etc. The total cost to raise one skill to rank 10 is 55 Skill points (110 for both skills in a weapon, 220 for raising both skills in both weapons).

The passive abilities for each weapon are:


The full description below is for level 1 of each skill. the numerical increase with level is displayed in the chart underneath that.

  • Fists - Damage and Healing
    • Damage: Follow up - Increases the damage and healing done by your Savage Sweep and Feral Regrowth by 5%.
    • Healing: Warmth - Your Fist healing abilities cause the target to receive 0.66% additional healing for all sources. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
  • Blade - Damage and Survivability
    • Damage: Two Cuts - Whenever you hit an enemy with a Blade ability, you apply the Two Cuts effect. Hitting the enemy again with a Blade Ability consumes this effect to deal 10 damage.
    • Survivability: Vigour - When an enemy attack glances you, you gain 15% of the damage it dealt back as healing.
  • Hammer - Damage and Survivability
    • Damage: Hammer - Your Hammer abilities build up Momentum. When the Momentum count reaches 5, your next Hammer ability will deal 12% more damage.
    • Survivability: Thick Skin - Blocking an attack further reduces the damage dealt to you by 4%.
Name Type LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV6 LV7 LV8 LV9 LV10
Follow up Fist Damage 5%
Warmth Fist Healing 0.66%
Two Cuts Blade Damage 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Vigour Blade Survivability 15% 16.67% 18.33%
Thick Skin Hammers Damage 12%
Momentum Hammers Survivability 4%

Note: Two cuts does not give its value in a percentage like most other abilities, instead it gives exact figure of how much damage you deal. This figure changes with your combat power (which in turn changes as you modify your equipment). The figures above are thus useless. A large set of data is needed from which the percentages can be deduced.


The full description below is for level 1 of each skill. the numerical increase with level is displayed in the chart underneath that.

  • Pistols - Damage and Support
    • Damage: Double Up - Your Pistol abilities have a 6% chance to deal an additional hit for 50% of the damage dealt.
    • Support: Ingenuity - When deploying any Pistol Drone ability, your defensive target is healed for 4 every second for 5 seconds.
  • Shotgun - Damage and Support
    • Damage: CQC - Your Shotgun abilities deal 3 physical damage based on your proximity to the target.
    • Support: Signet - When deploying any Shotgun Turret ability, your defensive target take 2.7% less damage from all sources for 5 seconds.
  • Assault Rifle - Damage and Healing
    • Damage: Explosive Rounds - Your Assault Rifle abilities apply the Explosive Rounds effect to your enemies. Each additional hit from Assault Rifle abilities increases the number of charges on the target. After 3 second the charges detonate dealing 2 physical damage per charge applied.
    • Healing: Combat Medic - Your Assault Rifle Leech effects are 2.85% more powerful and last 10% longer
Name Type LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV6 LV7 LV8 LV9 LV10
Double Up Pistols Damage 6%
Ingenuity Pistols Support 4
CQC Shotguns Damage 3
Reinforcement Shotguns Support 2.7%
Explosive Rounds Assault Rifles Damage 2
Combat Medic Assault Rifles Healing 2.85%


The full description below is for level 1 of each skill. the numerical increase with level is displayed in the chart underneath that.

  • Elemental Focus - Damage and Support
    • Damage: Elemental Overload - Your Elemental abilities have a 25% chance to deal 13 magical damage to 5 enemies around the target.
    • Support: Elemental Fury - When any Elemental Manifestation ability deals damage, your defensive target deals 3% more damage for 5 seconds.
  • Blood Focus - Damage and Healing
    • Damage: Empowered Blood - While Blood Offering is active, your Blood abilities deal 4.5% more damage.
    • Healing: Restorative Wards - When any of your Blood Barriers expire for any reason, the target of that barrier is healed for 4.
  • Chaos Focus - Damage and Survivability
    • Damage: Calamity - Your Chaos abilities have a 10% chance to trigger the Calamity effect, dealing 49 magic damage.
    • Survivability: Fleeting Fortress - When you evade an attack, you receive the Fleeting Fortress effect, causing the next attack against you to deal 18% less damage.
Name Type LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV6 LV7 LV8 LV9 LV10
Elemental Overload Elemental Damage
Elemental Fury Elemental Support
Empowered Blood Blood Damage 4.5% 5%
Restorative Wards Blood Healing 4 4
Calamity Chaos Damage
Fleeting Fortress Chaos Survivability 18%


Main article: Talisman

Talisman skills 3rd block of skills on the page.

Instead of a skill per talisman slot however, there is only a single skill per Talisman row. There is one for Head, one for Major (Finger, Neck, Wrist), and one for Minor (Luck, Waist, Occult).

Other than that, they work very similar to weapons:

  • The cost per skill rank is equal to the rank you're about to purchase
  • There are 10 ranks in each skill
  • The rank determines the Quality Level of Talisman you're able to equip
  • Each skill grants you a passive bonus.

The bonuses are:

Auxiliary Weapons

See the individual weapon pages linked below for details per specific to each weapon

Auxiliary weapon skills are final group of skills. However, they do not appear until you have unlocked the your first Auxiliary weapon by completing its quest. Additional auxiliary weapon skills cannot be purchased unless you have purchased the Downloadable Content pack for the issue that released that weapon.

Auxiliary weapon skills work similarly to main weapon skills, with a few notable exceptions:

  • There is only one skill per weapon
  • There is only one rank per skill
  • The cost for that one rank is 35 SP

You must purchase the one skill rank of an Auxiliary weapon before you can equip it. While you have that weapon equipped, you will also receive the passive ability granted by that skill.

  • Melee
    • Chainsaw - Damage: Makes the target Afflicted with a DoT
    • Whip - Survivability: Reduces the damage dealt by enemy attacks.
    • Unavailable
  • Ranged
    • Rocket Launcher - Damage: Places a persistent AoE at the location your target which damages enemies standing in it.
    • Flamethrower - Damage: Causes your flames to ignite enemies, causing them to be Afflicted with a DoT
    • Unavailable
  • Magic
    • Quantum - Healing: Builds counters on the caster. When you have three stacks, the next quantum ability you use will trigger a PBAoE heal.
    • Unavailable
    • Unavailable