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Selected Memories
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Coords: (1006,916)
Given by: Lidiya's terminal
Type: Sabotage
Reward: 797,880 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Witnessing a stand-off between two opposing operatives, you hear of secret documents hidden deep inside the abandoned Soviet military base. Infiltrating the base and recover the information will be a stern task, but could prove vital to your faction..



Dragan approaches Lidiya with his gun drawn on her

Lidiya: Jesus Christ, what the fuck are you doing here?
Dragan: What I always do.
Lidiya: Getting in my fucking way? Taking what doesn't belong to you? What do you want?
Dragan: What you took from the Red Hand base. I've been keeping an eye on it, figuring you'd be thinking the same thing I was thinking.
Dragan: I want it. And this isn't Moscow, Liddy. This time I have the gun.
Lidiya: Fuck. You.
Dragan: Really? What is it with all the cursing today? Last time I heard so many "fucks" coming out of your mouth, you had a "me" at the end of each and every one.
Dragan: And I like to think of it as re-appropriation, not theft.
Dragan: You're the thief, Liddy. You always were. Even before selling out to the Phoenicians.
Lidiya: Like you have the moral high ground here? Did you even ask yourself what your people were up to out here?
Lidiya: And the girl. Don't tell me there's any possible justification for that.
Lidiya: Fuck you, though, because I don't have whatever it is you think I have. And if I did...
Lidiya: I'd take the bullet before I gave you the satisfaction.
Dragan: The bullet would give me satisfaction.
Lidiya: Right. Did you already forget what happened in Khartoum? Do I need to remind you?
Dragan: I'm not the one with the selective memory. I seem to remember someone saying she'd never harm me, never double-cross me....
Dragan: and never stop loving me.
Lidiya: The only thing I remember is kicking your ass.
Lidiya: The famous Ghost, bested by a Phoenician agent. Not your proudest moment. Besides...

Lidiya spins around and grabs a pistol off a nearby table. Crouching down, she has it aimed at Dragan's crotch.

Dragan: That's the girl I fell in love with. Always going for the balls.
Lidiya: ...you, I know, I know.
Dragan: Go ahead, you've done it once before, you can do it again.

Lidiya pulls the trigger, but it only clicks, the pistol is empty

Dragan: You don't have what I'm looking for, fine. I'll leave you alone.
Lidiya: Yeah, run away, it's what you always do. See,
Lidiya: I'm not the only one with the selective memory.
Lidiya: You never showed up in Bangkok. I took you for dead. And so I went to New Carthage.
Dragan: Bye, Liddy. I'll see you around.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Lidiya of the Phoenicians had infiltrated the Soviet military base attempting to steal away with something important, something that had once belonged to the Red Hand. Everything points to her not succeeding in her attempt, and whatever it is she was looking for would still be there.
    • Gain entrance to the Soviet base
    • Find the hangar entrance
  • Tier 2: The main entrance to the hanger was locked and protected. Look for another way inside.
    • Gain entrance to the hanger
  • Tier 3: The complex is huge, but whatever Lidiya was looking for should be inside here somewhere.
    • Find the room where the secret documents are stored
    • Examine the documents
  • Tier 4: These documents were nothing but a wild goose chase, but there was an indication that the real thing is stored further in, inside a well protected container.
    • Gain access to the container
    • Retrieve the documents from the container




Moving through the shadows unseen or breaking through the wall like a bulldozer. The ends justify the means the the circumstances dictate the method. Well done. You are true Dragon.

The material you recovered was heavily encrypted, but we broke all the Russian codes back in the eighties, so we were able to find the secrets within.

Some times the Dragon needs to hide information. It is not prudent to reveal all the data before the models have been tested. This is one such time. Also, having this information you just retrieved could be very dangerous. We would spare you that danger. For now.


News of your exploits out there have already reached the water cooler, and all this buzz is reflecting positively on me.

You went in and out of that facility like a boss, and you appropriated top secret Red Hand files in the process. I'm walking on air over here. Remind me of this moment come Christmas bonus time.

I'm not surprised you couldn't make anything of the files. The Red Hand encrypted that thing like champs. Luckily we have the best code breakers money can buy on retainer and I'm told they were able to crack it.

Can't tell you much about the contents, though. Need to know. You understand. You just keep focusing on making me look good.



I am beyond impressed with your infiltration of the super soldier complex. That could not have been easy.

All information we can gain about the abandoned Red Hand experience and the mutant super soldiers is worth going the extra mile for. Hence, I am pleased you went through the trouble.

The old files were heavily encrypted. No wonder you couldn't make anything of them. I've sent them for analysis and I'm told we've struck gold. I've not been given permission to share the contents with you, I'm afraid. At least not until we know more.

R. Sonnac


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Gain entrance to the Soviet base
  • Find the hangar entrance
    • Once you're in, go left and along the main wall until you get to a large rock on your right, hug the rock as it curves around, watching out for patrolling Type-X Controllers and Type-X Assassins
    • Jump up on the rock, watch the patrolling Type-X Assassin below, and then jump down and run up the fallen comms tower
    • You'll need to turn over to the eastern side of the roof to advance the mission, at (1135,978)

Tier 2/4

  • Gain entrance to the hangar
    • Drop in through the hole in the roof, watching the patrolling Type-X Controller below

Tier 3/4

  • Find the store room where the secret documents are stored
    • Jump down onto the ramp leading down while the Type-X Assassin is up above.
    • You'll have to time your way past the venting gasses. If you get knocked off the walkway, there is a ramp at the end of it.
    • Go up the ramp to the next walkway, and take it to the left, watching out for the the Biocharged Engineer
    • About half-way down the walkway, jump over onto the shipping containers, at (1143,1007)
    • Watch for the Type-X Hulk patrolling below, and then jump down at the end of the container
    • There are more patrolling Type-X Hulk in this area, but head to the back wall where there is a control terminal. From there you can jump onto a shipping crate and then up onto a walkway.
    • Go around until you see a red-outlined ladder and a red-outlined gas canister
    • Blow up the gas canister, and the Biocharged Warden will go to investigate. It will not explode immediately, so you have some time to get closer to the room.
  • Examine the documents
    • Go inside the room at (1172,1014)
    • The documents are in the back corner on a table
    • Use them quickly and then get out of the room before the Biocharged Warden gets back

Tier 4/4

  • Gain access to the container
    • Go back to the red ladder and climb up to the overhead pipe
    • Run north to the area marked on your map and then drop down
  • Retrieve the documents from the container
    • Open the "container door". The documents will be on the floor, just inside
    • WARNING: The "container doors" and the "sewer exit" are very close together. Carefully select the "Container Door" to open it to retrieve the documents. If you don't, you will use the "sewer exit", and have to make your way back inside.
    • Use the sewer exit to leave to outside. You will come out at (1212,964)

Other Information

Related Achievements


  • The heading on the secret documents "СОВЕРШЕННО СЕКРЕТО" translates to "Absolutely Secret"



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