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Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Faction: [[Category:Illuminati Characters]][[:Category:Illuminati Characters|Illuminati]]
Background Information
Species: Human, Bee
Nationality: Egyptian
NPC Information
NPC Type: [[Category:{{{type}}} Characters]][[:Category:{{{type}}} Characters|{{{type}}}]]
Voiced by: [[Adrienne Wilkinson]]

Sarah is a twenty-seven year old from the streets of Cairo. Her knowledge of the occult black markets and her skill with twin swords made her a target for the Illuminati when she left Valley of the Sun God for New York. [1]


Sarah is the protégé of Arturo Castiglione from the Council of Venice, and has served as an agent and occult investigator. She is well versed in the supernatural, in addition to being combat trained, making her a versatile and powerful warrior.

That was before. When the occult bomb went off in Tokyo, she was left in the rubble of the subway. She is now a psychic conduit. Thousands of people trample through her head, through her memories, every hour of every day, reliving the tragedy in Tokyo.

When you fought your way through the subways of Tokyo, through waves of Filth creatures and under the guidance of Alex, Rose, Mei Ling and Zuberi, it was Sarah's experience you experienced as your own. Now the time has come to go to Tokyo and fight side by side with Sarah against the darkness which threaten to engulf us all. [2]


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