Samsu Nasiru

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Samsu Nasiru
Samsu Nasiru.png
Type: Golem
Difficulty Rating: Elite
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Rarity: Mission monster
Damage Type: No Data
HP: 17,500,000
Region: [[]]
Zone: [[]]
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW

Samsu Nasiru is a Guardian of Gaia made from a amalgamation of Gilded Rage and Solar Metal with silica which was charged with anima into the form of a golem. He is strong, stupid and slow but acts as a secondary defence mechanism against the filth around the world. The Council of Venice has deemed them a threat to the secrecy of the secret world and has authorized their destruction.


He is a Metal variant of Golem.

Special Abilities

Related Missions


  • Despite only conning as an "Elite" monster, most definitely behaves more like a World Boss difficulty monster and requires several players to work together to take him down.
  • Samsu Nairu will typically cast Upheaval and Anima Leech in quick succession. Which one is first and which is second seems to be random for each spawn. Melee based characters, or with short ranges (shotgun) will need to rush inside the doughnut hole when Anima Leech is being cast, and then will want to back up to prepare for getting away from Upheaval when it comes.
  • Anima Leech should always be interrupted whenever possible. It can do 1,500HP damage or more to every player within the affected area, and heals Samsu Nasiru for an amount equal to the damage done to all players combined. Giving him heals of upto 250,000HP (confirmed) if not more.
  • NOTE: Upheaval should NEVER be interrupted. It cannot be interrupted. Attempting to do so will 1) cause the white-line ground effect as well as the casting bar to disappear as if it had been, but the Upheaval spell will still go off. Which means other players cannot easily see the safe area outside of it or when it will land. And, 2) Cause him to cast Anima Leech earlier than normal.