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"Secret World Legends"

Secret World Legends
Story Progression Guide

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Season One

Season Two

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About The Guide

  • This is a guide to maximize the storytelling of Secret World Legends.
  • The goal is to maximize the story telling (one contacts mission may resonate better if you do it before another contact's mission) and to also attempt to minimize having to backtrack.
  • Nothing in here is carved in stone and thus it should be taken as a suggested play order.
  • Steps for Item missions, framing missions and assignments are usually represented as a fractional number.

Using the Guide

  • The guide is broken up by the major story arcs with an "interlude" in between.
  • This is not intended as a walkthrough. The exception is if there are bugs you need to be aware of. If you need help try the "Mission Hints" chat channel in-game or check the walkthrough section of the mission's article.
  • Sometimes mission "tiers" are broken up into fractional objectives. (For example: Tier 4.2). See the notes column for specific information.
  • Navigation between guide pages is located at the top and bottom of each page.
  • Location navigation for areas over is located at the bottom of each page.

Step Mission Title Req. Prerequisites Notes
# Icon & Title Yes/No List Text
Column Description
Step Incrementing number with fractions for Side Missions and Assignments.
Mission Title The title of the mission. The mission type is shown as an icon to the left of the title. Bold indicates a group mission. Italics indicates a required step.
Req. Required (Yes or No).
Prerequisites Lists any missions that need to be completed beforehand. There may also be level requirements.
Notes Will list the reason for placement, any potential bugs or the general objective if a fractional tier.

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