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About The Game

The Secret World takes place in modern day locations such as New York, London, Seoul, Solomon Island, and Valley of the Sun God which will be featured in the game for players to explore and enjoy.
The overall theme is a mix of occult/horror and fantasy.


"The Secret World" "Secret World Legends"
The Secret World Secret World Legends
Launched in 2012 Launched in 2017
The original version of the game can no longer be purchased but can still be played if already owned. The servers are still operating but in maintenance mode only. A retooled and relaunched version of the game. Changes include: Redesigned combat system and skill trees, removal of the crafting system, a more directed story experience, the addition of lockboxes and is completely free to play.
Those who wish to continue playing the original version but need a fresh copy for some reason can download it from the original account page. You will also need to download the "TSW LocalConfig" file from the account page to prevent your installation from being converted to Secret World Legends. To play simply download the installer from the official website or install the game using Valve's Steam client.
Detailed Overview Detailed Overview
Wiki content marked with the TSWicon.png icon pertains only to The Secret World. Wiki content marked with the SWLicon.png icon pertains only to Secret World Legends.