Orochi Tower - Zagan

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Orochi Tower - Zagan
Orochi Tower Zagan Logo.png
Map Coordinates: (165,158)
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Type: Instance
Faction: Zagan

Orochi Tower contains the research headquarters of Zagan, one of its eight daughter corporations. Inside the Tower itself, there are two separate Zagan floors: Alpha and Omega. Both of these floors contain activities directly related to food.

Scientists in the Alpha floor are dedicated to both converting paranormal creatures into food sources and providing food sources for those same creatures. The former project has manifested in a partnership with the family of the Dimir Farm in the The Shadowy Forest in return for Dimir sausages (made from Ghoul meat), and also the trapping of ghostly Wraiths in gelatin so that they can be consumed. The latter project focuses on developing a synthetic blood substitute for Vampires and feeding the same Dimir sausages to Werewolves.

Researchers in the Omega floor are divided into two teams, Alpha and Beta. The Alpha Team harvests meat from a Flesh Golem in the center room, which is sent through piping to the Orochi Group cafeteria after taste testing by the Beta Team. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop an unlimited supply of meat with which to solve the problem of farms needing to raise livestock. Such a solution would also help solve malnutrition in places where raising animals is difficult or expensive.

Current State

Alpha Floor

Very few researchers remain, as the vampires, werewolves, and fauns that were being used as test subjects have all escaped. These three types of creatures are now waging open war, vying for control of the wrecked floor in an attempt to escape.

Omega Floor

Most of the floor remains intact; however, the harvested Flesh Golems begin to animate and kill the researchers as you reach them. The specimen in the center room regrows larger each time meat is cut from it, so it breaks its containment by simply being too big.



width The Eight-Headed Serpent

Found Inside

width Hostile Elements - Beginning of Alpha floor.
width The Room - Just before the final room of the Omega floor.
width Confrontations and Revelations - After completing The Eight-Headed Serpent, in the final room of the Omega floor.



Alpha Floor

Omega Floor


This location is included in the Oh Hi Mark!, Build me up, tear me down, Tower Crawler, and Tower Cartographer achievements. It also contains lore for the Annalist achievement.