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Monster Types

Take away the queen bee and they run around like headless chickens in a coop.
Cursed Cultist
They are your servants now. Ready to bend to your every whim.
She made them immortal – that’s her power.
Deep One
If the monsters eat us, at least they’ll be using clean plates.
Tall and pale, slimy as maggots.
Evolved Filth
They look a fright.
Fata Padurii
"Please try to understand what it is made her this way…"
Filth-corrupted Creature
I’m not afraid to get my hands…Filthy.
Fungal Filth
The mushroom things…
Don’t go hunting lions with pea shooters.
The carrion eaters gather around his altars.
Golemetry is brutish puppetwork.
In the cry of zephyrs over jagged rocks.
Deserts on fire, sky like an open mouth, twisted goddamn creatures.
We are already exiles, but without nobility, we are nothing.
They don’t make wards against pestilence like they used to.
I know ways to make even a dead man scream.
Orochi Drone
Entire demon tribes are decimated. Senseless slaughter, to what end?
Flapping wings, black feathers, dead eyes…
Ah, Archibald Henderson’s murderous legacy.
This land has been cursed by history and the madness of men.
The voice from the deep is drowning my song in its noise.
Spectre & Spectre
They cannot manifest far from their wretched corpse.
The flickering lights of the foolish fire.
Your pulse is quickening…I taste it.
We gave ’em a solid whuppin’.
You know what the stories say about wolves and pretty young girls.
They deserve their six feet, same as everyone else.

Other Creatures

  • Other monsters that are not in the general categories above can be found listed on on the Other Monsters page.

Monster Symbols and Colors

These are the various colors and symbols you may see next to a monsters name and healthbar


The symbols next to a mobs name indicate the type and difficulty of a mob:

  • 3 dots = "Swarm" mobs. Individually they are weaker than normal mobs, but are found in "swarms" of 2-5 mobs that will all that aggro together and cannot be pulled individually.
  • 1 dot = "Normal" mob.
  • Skull = "Elite". These mobs are more difficult than normal mobs, but can still be handled solo if level-appropriate.
  • Crown = "Boss". Usually a named mob, and often the objective of a mission.
  • Skull with Crown = "Elite Boss". Extremely challenging, and perhaps impossible to solo when level appropriate.
  • Skull with Crown and Wings = "World Boss". Bosses that are expected to require 5-10 people with appropriate gear in order to take down.

Special Symbols

Any of these difficulty symbols can have one of the following symbols as well, if appropriate:

  • Flag = Mission Mob. These mobs are the objective of a specific mission.
    • NOTE: Normal and Swarm mobs have their standard "Dot" icon completely replaced by 1 or 3 flags (as appropriate). Elite and higher mobs have the flag symbol added next to their difficulty symbol.
    • Missions mobs have had their loot tables reduced or removed completely in order to prevent players for farming them for loot.
    • Some Missions mobs have also had their XP award reduced to zero, and XP comes solely from completing the mission.
  • Star = Rare Spawn. There are usually 3-5 rare spawns that can appear in each zone. They are typically Crown+Skull difficulty, and often have improved loot tables.

Level Color

While the symbols themselves indicate the type of mob it is - the color of the symbols will show their difficulty relative to your skills:

  • Green = Much weaker than you
  • Blue = Weaker than you
  • White = Same strength as you
  • Yellow = Stronger than you
  • Orange = Much stronger then you
  • Red = Severely stronger than you, extremely unlikely you can kill it without assistance

Name Color

(( This section needs verification - there appears to be some disagreement between sources, as well as potentially some inconsistencies as to how it is implemented in the game itself. It is also uncertain what the difference between Yellow and Orange named monsters is.))

The color of the name indicates how likely the mob is to attack you:

  • White = Neutral NPC. Cannot be attacked, will not attack you. Typically mission givers, shop keepers, etc.
  • Green = Friendly NPCs. Typically part of a mission and will fight on your side to assist with enemies.
  • Orange = Non-Aggressive. Mob will not attack unless attacked first.
  • Yellow = Non-Aggressive. Mob will not attack unless attacked first.
  • Red = Aggressive. Mob will attack when you come within their range.

Lists of monsters