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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

TRANSMIT - initiate the shivering star frequency - RECEIVE - initiate the Nzadi o Nzere protocol - WE PENETRATED DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO THE HEART OF DARKNESS - initiate the Sebastian Brant allegory - THE HORROR! THE HORROR! - flip the Ace of Ruin - WITNESS - The Cargo.

Entry 1
Kaidan, (355,305) Just west of the bridge atop shipping containers. You'll need to come across the top of the containers and drop down onto it. It is too far up to reach from below.
Behold the Ship of Fools. Floating play of dark absurdity. They carried a dread burden. They carried the liquid dreams of the Sleepers. The first mate lost his mind first. Everything else tumbled like dominoes. Shall we point out all the individual terrors, sweetling? The ragged nails - gurgling laughter - the eyeless captain singing - the gnawing - the red writing - the waking dreams, the skinless strip dance. No. Let us sum up: And much of Madness, and more of Sin, and Horror the soul of the plot. Entry 2
Kaidan, (480,95) On the ramp up to the Cargo Ship.
A cargo ship bobs in Kaidan's harbour. There are no more screams, but the silence is scarred. What was its cargo? What incited the theatre of fools? Ask us, sweetling. Ask! Entry 3
Kaidan, (415,150) In the center of the shipping dock, at the top of a staircase onto a refinery construction.
The curtain, a funeral pall, comes down with the rush of a storm, while we, all pallid and wan, uprising, unveiled, affirm - that the play is the tragedy, "You," and its hero, the Jism of the Blackworm. Entry 4
Kaidan, (565,180) East side of the shipping dock, between shipping containers and the water.
You've seen the crawling dreams, before, but not like this. It has a nuance. Layered subtext. Familiarity with your monkey brains. It has been engaged with your dreams for much, much longer. Exposed to your thoughts. Desires. Eon upon eon, and the sun cult's dance. Entry 5
Kaidan, (530,145) Atop shipping containers in the southeast part of the shipping dock. Access from two rows to the west, where you can jump on the Sycoil truck and then the fallen shipping container. Use a speed enhancer to make the jump between rows.
There is a dark bend in the Congo. There is a well there. The well runs deep. There is a voice in the well. The voice runs from deep time. A man once heard that voice, and it changed his life. Now, he changes the world. Entry 6
Kaidan, (535,350) Northeast side of the shipping dock, balanced atop a metal beam. Accessible by jumping down from the blue gantry crane.


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