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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the Djinnestan signal - RECEIVE - initiate the doleful hymn - MY BOWELS BOILED AND RESTED NOT: THE DAYS OF AFFLICTION PREVENTED ME - illumine the Children of Hell - WITNESS - The Jinn.

Entry 1
City of the Sun God, (822,713): Requires the Jinn Sight buff from The Way of Things from Amir. Inside The Halls of Cleansing Flames.
Witness. A church. On the wall, written in ash is the word "MONKEY". Below that, is written, "Job 30:29-31". Witness. A sleep clinic. Patients unable to attain deep REM cycles, complaining of "distant singing" and sad or hateful voices. The patients never meet, yet all were heard muttering, "We are ashes, where once we were fire." Witness. A subway car. A sleeping man jumps to his feat screaming. He shouts, "The jinn are coming! The jinn are here!" Later, he will find hand-shaped burn marks all over his body. Entry 2
Hell Eternal: Random drop from any Jinn in Hell Eternal.
We have told you this story before, sweetling, of the Jinn and the First Age. We witnessed their birth from the smokeless flame, created by the Host. There were others too, some born of the trembling earth, the chanting waters, or shining winds — but their fates branched in other directions. They all swore oaths to Gaia and protected her. All was tranquil, until your species came into the world. Entry 3
Hell Eternal, (452,485): After the first boss, Archaean Seismocratist, in Hell Eternal
The jinn were hurt, those of fire most of all, and angered -- that Gaia should be so fascinated by these talking monkeys. They took further insult when stewardship of the Earth passed into the hands of humankind. Know too that hate is love -- squeezed, bottled, and fermented. The jinn, along with many others of the demon-kind, grew furious. How could the miracle of this blue planet, and all of its promise, be inherited by these short-lived, ill-equipped foundlings? "We are fire," the jinn proclaimed. "Why should we bow to the clumsy clay?" Entry 4
Hell Eternal, (370,439): After the second boss, Lustrehunter, in Hell Eternal.
Terrible wars broke out between those who championed mankind and those who would eradicate the naked apes. The jinn chose the latter side. They chose poorly. In the end, humans and their supporters won out. For their broken promise to protect all living beings, the jinn were banished to the darkest abyss – a discarded place called The Howling. Entry 5
Hell Eternal, (380,520): After the first boss, Archaean Seismocratist, in Hell Eternal.
Exiled from light and love, the aeons of affliction fell. The jinn blamed the humans for their fate. An extraordinary world deserved extraordinary beings, and the humans were not. For time out of mind, their thoughts moved in this claustrophobic coil. In that hellish womb, their anger festered into whole new vistas of spite. And so the jinn wished and wished, and all they wished for was revenge. Entry 6
Hell Eternal, (696,279): After the third boss fight, the Prime Makers, in Hell Eternal .
Wishes, like prayers and radio waves, travel forever in a vacuum. Why do the most vicious wishes so often receive reply? Another riddle. Another time. Taste and see! Their contempt attracted the attention of the Dreaming Ones. The Eaters of Suns reached out with writhing thoughts and promised to return the jinn to the world if they agreed to fight the humans. While some jinn rejected this invitation — their hatred from the humans still lesser than their hatred for the Dreamers — others, drunk on rage, accepted. Entry 7
Scorched Desert, (587,880): Dropped By Mak'all The Hellfire. You summon him by having Makin the Conflagrator transform into him when enough nearby Cursed Cultists have been killed. Will not appear if recently summoned
Freed from their fetters, the jinn returned to a very different world – their beloved Gaia fouled, bleeding, and choking on global strife.

The jinn never wished for this. They looked upon the eldritch forces that freed them, and once again, they broke a promise. No more would they fight wars other than their own – against the humans and the Dreaming Ones that threaten life itself.

Entry 8
City of the Sun God, (134,231): To the right of the portal to Agartha after defeating the Unbound in the mission Beneath You It Eats Its Name.
Siding with none and turned against their purpose, the jinn are among the most malevolent of Gaia's children. Their fire vomits sooty miasmas, for these are the days when the children of the smokeless flame will burn less pure. Blinded by hatred that has outlived stars, some find destruction their only end. Some appreciate that the greater evil of the Filth must be purged first and ignore you verbal apes. A few see something redemptive in humankind and grudgingly cooperate with you. But, poor child walking in the dark, you will not know which you encounter until you are too close to the fire. That is why we give you sweet honey. Those voices are distant no more. The jinn have broken through. The jinn are coming. The jinn are here! Entry 9
Hell Eternal, (292,582): Before the first boss fight in Hell Eternal.


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  • Entry #1 - "My bowels boiled, and rested not: the days of affliction prevented me" is Job 30:27, King James translation.
  • Entry #2 - Job 30:29-31 reads (in the King James translation) "I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls. My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat. My harp also is turned to mourning, and my organ into the voice of them that weep."

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