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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Through out Secret World Legends there are yellow or black honeycombs, each with a bit of lore. Some are an easy find, turn a corner and there it is. Some of them require a bit ingenuity and, when they were feeling generous, a helpful ladder. The Legends are meant to represent knowledge that is passed onto your character by The Bees, a little bit at a time. The lore is that of our world, our history; just a little deeper, a little more sinister.

Acquiring Legends

UI-LoreHoneycomb2.png Legend Honeycombs mark the spots, scattered throughout the game, where Legend can be added to your Legend journal. To acquire the specific element of lore, click on the Legend, and allow it to download to your Legend journal. Once it is acquired, that Legend will no longer appear on your screen. You cannot reacquire Legends once you have acquired it.

Legend has to be actively acquired. It is not sufficient to merely spot the legend. Nor is it sufficient to get within some area surrounding the legend, as it works with most mission requirements. You have to actively click on the Legend, and then allow time for the legend to be downloaded to your Legend journal. Because of this, acquiring legend can be disrupted if you are attacking during its acquisition.

Locations of Legends

Legends can be found in both easily accessible and hard to get to locations throughout the game. Legends can be found in all the major areas of the game, from Faction HQs in London, New York, and Seoul, to the individual zones of Kingsmouth, the Savage Coast, Blue Mountain, and all the others. Legends can also be found inside mission instances. Since these Instances are only accessible during missions that unlock them, you want to be certain to thoroughly search every Instance to make certain you have located and obtained the legends.


Each Legend Honeycomb you gather rewards you with:

  • 100 Anima Shards
  • Experience
    • Experience gained seems to scale with character level:
      • Levels 1 thru 15 = 225 + (25 * Character Level)
      • 16 - 49 = Unknown
      • Level 50 = 2,200

When you get the last entry in a Legend, instead of the amount listed above you get:

  • 500 Anima Shards
  • Experience = Basted on your level, Double the amount listed above

Current Legend List

The collections of legends are guaranteed to grow over time as new mysteries and new content is added to the game. Legends are and should be a constantly moving target. The best you should ever be able to say is, "I have acquired all the known legends at this time." You should always be on the lookout for new legends, and expect to have to revisit old areas in the search for newly revealed legends. Legends added from events and issues is the proof of that, especially since some of these have parts all around the world.

Solomon Island

Main article: Legend:Solomon Island


Local History

  1. 1712 Fire
  2. League of Monster Slayers
Solomon Island Local History.jpg

Places of Interest

  1. The Black House
  2. Blue Ridge Mine
  3. The Franklin Mansion
  4. Innsmouth Academy
  5. The Polaris
Solomon Island Places of Interest.jpg

Myths and Legends

  1. The Darkness War
Solomon Island Myths and Legends.jpg

Recent Events

  1. The Fog
  2. The Lady Margaret
Solomon Island Recent Events.jpg

Valley of the Sun God

Main article: Legend:Valley of the Sun God

Valley of the Sun God Lore.png

Local History

  1. The Sentinels
  2. The Kingdom
VotSG Local History Lore.png

Places of Interest

  1. The Ankh
  2. The Pyramid
VotSG Places of Interest Lore.png

Recent Events

  1. Temple City Discovery
  2. The Breaks in Time
  3. The Call of the Nameless
VotSG Recent Events Lore.png


Main article: Legend:Transylvania

Transylvania Lore.png

Local History

  1. Iazmăciune
  2. The Truce
  3. The Abandoned
Transylvania Local History Lore.png

Places of Interest

  1. Anastasia's Wagon
  2. The Breach
  3. Roman Baths
  4. The Facility
  5. The Slaughterhouse
Transylvania Places of Interest Lore.png

Recent Events

  1. Vampire Crusades
  2. The Sleepless Lullaby
Transylvania Recent Events Lore.png


Main article: Legend:Tokyo

Tokyo Lore.jpg

Local History

  1. Kaidan
Tokyo Local History Lore.jpg

Places of Interest

  1. Ginpachi Park
  2. Susanoo's Diner
  3. Zeroes Wild Pachinko
  4. Jigoku no Yu Bathhouse
  5. The Dream Palace
  6. The Maiden Shrine
  7. Orochi Housing Projects
  8. Orochi Tower
Tokyo Places of Interest Lore.jpg

Myths and Legends

  1. The Hierarchy of Oni
  2. Tale of Momotaro
  3. The Ofuda
  4. Trail of Shadows
  5. The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus
Tokyo Myth and Legends Lore.jpg

Recent Events

  1. The Black Signal
  2. The Wall
  3. The Bomb
  4. Breach of the First Wall
  5. The Gungne
  6. The Cargo
  7. Nightmares in the Dream Palace
  8. Reaping the Whirlwind

South Africa

Main article: Legend:South Africa

File:South Africa Lore.jpg

Local History

  1. New Dawn
File:South Africa Local History Lore.jpg

Places of Interest

  1. Marquard's Mansion
File:South Africa Places of Interest Lore.jpg

Recent Events

  1. The Binding of the Aigamuxa


Main article: Legend:Global

Global Lore.png

Ancient Mysteries

  1. The Buzzing
  2. The Filth
  3. Gaia Engines
  4. The Host
  5. Agartha
  6. The Hell Dimensions
  7. The Third Age
  8. The Jinn and the First Age
  9. The Collective Unconscious
Global Ancient Mysteries Lore.png


  1. Dragon
  2. Illuminati
  3. Phoenicians
  4. Templars
Global Faction Lore.png


  1. Council of Venice
  2. Morninglight
  3. The Orochi Group
  4. Fear Nothing Foundation
  5. The Mitsubachi
  6. The Sinking City
Global Groups Lore.png

Museum of the Occult

  1. Museum of the Occult


  1. Draculesti
  2. Wabanaki
  3. The Marya
  4. The Jingu Clan
  5. The House-in-Exile
  6. The Korinto-kai
Global People Lore.png

Persons of Interest

  1. Lilith
  2. Uta Bloody Valentine
  3. King Solomon
Global Lore.png

The Bestiary

Main article: Legend:The Bestiary

Bestiary Lore.jpg

  1. Ak'ab
  2. Arthropods
  3. Blajini
  4. Bogeyman
  5. Cultists
  6. Deathless
  7. Draug - Deep Ones
  8. Draug - Drones
  9. Draug - Leaders
  10. Familiars
  11. Fauns
  12. Filth and Humans
  13. Filth and Nature
  14. Filth Guardians
  15. Ghouls
  16. Golems
  17. Jinn
  18. Kyonshi
  19. Little Ones
  20. Mummies
  21. Namahage
  22. Oni
  23. Orochi Tech
  24. Padurii
  25. Rakshasa
  26. Revenants
  27. Sasquatch
  28. Scarecrows
  29. Soldiers of Hell
  30. Spectres
  31. Spirits of Flame
  32. Succubi and Incubi
  33. Vampires
  34. Vampire Masters
  35. Vampire Super Soldiers
  36. Wendigo
  37. Werewolves
  38. Wisps
  39. Zmeu
  40. Zombies
Bestiary Lore.jpg


Main article: Legend:Events

Events Lore.png

  1. Opening Night
  2. The Whispering Tide
  3. Samhain
  4. Krampusnacht

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