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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

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Lore Entry # Location
Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see…

TRANSMIT - initiate the Ars Goetia signal - RECEIVE - initiate the Tetragrammaton cadence - HE THAT INCREASETH KNOWLEDGE INCREASETH SORROW - initiate the Four Hundred and Eighty-eighth Night - TRY TO UNDERSTAND, HE'S A MAGIC MAN - behold the son of David - WITNESS - King Solomon.

Entry 1
City of the Sun God, (605,752): Sequestered in the corner of a large room full of cultists and an Enfeebled Marid within the Gauntlet.
It has reached us, O sweetling, that lord Solomon attained what no one else had attained, he dared things his species had never dared. A known magician and exorcist, he was won't to imprison Jinns and Marids and Shaytans in cucurbits of copper and to stop them with lead and seal them with his ring. Solomon even fooled and imprisoned the Unbound, Beneath You It Eats Its Name.

The Smiling Magus. The Trickster King. The Sinner Prophet.

Entry 2
Beneath the Black Pyramid (Instance): In the poison dart acid water trap Beneath the Black Pyramid. It can be acquired by pressing the pad at the end of the trap to deactivate the poisons. Requires Mission: In the Dusty Dark.
In his guile, he trapped and subjugated seventy-two demons. We call upon their names.

Baal, Agares, and Vassago, we call your names. Gamygin, Marbas, and Malephar, we call your names. Aamon, Barbatos, and Paimonia, we call your names. Buer, Gusoyn, and Sytry, we call your names. Byleth, Leraye, and Eligos, we call your names. Zepar, Botis, and Bathym, we call your names. Zaleos, Purson, and Marax, we call your names. Ipos, Aym, and Naberius, we call your names. Glasya-Labolas, Buné, and Ronové, we call your names. Baal-berith, Astaroth, and Forneus, we call your names. Forcas, Asmodeus, and Gäap, we call your names. Furtur, Marchosias, and Stolas, we call your names. Phenex, Malthus, and Malphas, we call your names. Räum, Focalor, and Vephar, we call up on your names. Sab Nac, Shax, and Vinee, we call your names. Bifröus, Vreal, and Häagenti, we call your names. Crocell, Furcas, and Balaam, we call your names. Allocer, Cayum, and Murmuur, we call your names. Orobas, Gremory, and Osé, we call your names. Avnas, Oriax, and Naphula, we call your names. Zagan, Valak, and Andras, we call your names. Flauros, Andrealphus, and Kimaris, we call your names. Amdusias, Belial, and Decarabia, we call your names. Seire, Dantalion, and Andromalius, we call your names.

Entry 3
Scorched Desert, (745,1115): On the right arm of the statue of Ahkenaten serving as the entrance to the City of the Sun God.
Where did Solomon go, sweetling?


His greatest power is his art of Synchronicity. He walks between raindrops. The Fates cannot see him. The Dragon does not feel him tip toe across its coils. The eyes of a mantis shrimp cannot see the colour of his magic coat. We, not even we, can track him. We can only see his negative reflection, the ripples he makes in people and things. The echoes.

Entry 4
The Ankh (Instance): Sits behind Doctor Klein at the end of the Ankh as it is seen during The Angry Earth.

We see one named Affan. In certain books, he discovered that whosoever wears the ring of lord Solomon, made from brass and iron and engraved with the Tetragrammaton, humans and Jinn and birds and beasts and all created things would be bound to obey the bearer.

Entry 5
City of the Sun God, (865,880): On the ledge by the ritual binding circle used during Fight For Your Rites in Mamar El-Al-Hiram.
And Affan discovered, in certain books, that lord Solomon had been buried in a coffin and miraculously transported beyond the Seven Seas to a place of burial.

And Affan discovered, in certain books, that no mortal or spirit, could pluck the signet ring from Solomon's finger. That no navigator could sail a ship beyond the Seven Seas to the place the where the coffin had been carried. The Jinn bore Solomon's corpse to a palace hewn in the rock, and sat the cadaver upon a throne, with his ring still on his cold finger, under a guard of twelve Jinns.

Entry 6
City of the Sun God, (185,735): In front of a door within Nocturne.
Where is Solomon? You know him from your past, sweetling, but he is from pasts more distant. We spied his work in the Third Age. He stole a secret, the way to move past the Ages, the way to retain his identity when the wheel was knocked over and reset. Who, but Solomon? Entry 7
Beneath the Black Pyramid (Instance): In a small alcove after the poison dart acid water trap Beneath the Black Pyramid. Take a left after the trap and keep going straight. It's past the Weathered Scroll for They Belong in a Museum. Requires Mission: In the Dusty Dark.
Where is Solomon? We are the information protocol, and still we do not know. We can tell you this, sweetling. Were you to find the herb of herbs and anoint your feet with its essence, and walk upon the water, and enter the secret Eighth Sea, and enter the palace hewn in rock, you would find both throne and coffin empty. Entry 8
Beneath the Black Pyramid (Instance): At the end of the jump pad puzzle Beneath the Black Pyramid. To get there, in the second half of the room, take the pad up to the ankh and n levers on the right and deactivate the n and activate the ankh. Then take the pad to the n-platform followed by the pad to the ankh platform. Requires Mission: In the Dusty Dark.


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