Langmore Bridge

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Langmore Bridge
Langmore Bridge.jpg
Map Coordinates: (445,595)
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Type: Player versus environment

Langmore Bridge is a large covered bridge named after Kingsmouth founder John Langmore. It is one of three bridges that crosses the King's Strait, along with Solomon Bridge and Kingsbridge. It is located along Solomon road, north of Kingsmouth Town and connects the Blue Ridge Tunnel with the only bridge off of Solomon Island.

It is also known to locals as "Hangman's Span", stemming from it's use as the place where hangings were held in the past. For criminals, and possibly for witchcraft trial victims.


Starts at location

width Badge of Honour - off to the side, just before entering the bridge on the west side

Location involved in

width The Vision



  • This location is included in Townie exploration achievement.


  • If you visit the bridge in Anima form you will see that it is full of ghosts including some hanging from the roof.
  • The quote on the plaque reads:


Dedicated to the works of Kingsmouth mayor John Langmore, and to Law, Justice and Reparation.
May the unquiet dead of the 'Hangman's Span' accept the lot passed to them in this life and proceed to the next without sin.