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Each of the current Lairs uses common buffs that determine the tactics needed to farm the common monsters in each zone. Usually this is reflected by a pair of buffs that can not be removed by any purges. One buff is called Lair, though it's effects vary depending on the zone, the other is called Trigger which usually interacts with the Lair buff.

Solomon Island


Lair: Increased Defense Rating.

Trigger: When a Glancing Hit applies to the monsters, they are healed for an amount.

Savage Coast:

Lair: Increased Block Chance

Trigger: Whenever the target deals a penetrating hit, it applies a single stack of Filth Surge to its enemy target. Whenever enemy target blocks target, a single stack of Filth Surge is removed from enemy target. When enemy target has 3 stacks of Filth Surge, it is removed and replaced with Filth Discharge (Periodic damage).

Blue Mountain:

Lair: Increased Block Chance. Periodically gains a single stack of Regenerative Armour.

Trigger: Whenever target recieves a penetrating hit, a single stack of Regenerative Armour is removed. Whenever target successfully blocks, it gains 2 stacks of Regenerative Armour. Penetration chance increased if target is suffering from Impairing effects.

Regenerative Armour: Stacks up to 10, each stack reduces damage taken by 5%

Valley of the Sun God

Scorched Desert:

Lair: Blank, it has no effects.

Trigger: Whenever the target suffers an Impair, itself and it's nearby allies lose the effect Empowerment for a short time.

Empowerment: Increases damage by 50%.

City of the Sun God:

Lair: Monsters take 50% less damage.

Trigger: Whenever the target becomes Hindered they gain a debuff for a short time that increases incoming damage by 50%.


The Besieged Farmlands:

Lair: If there isn't 10x stacks of Weakened on the target before 20 seconds after the start of combat, they gain Enrage until the end of the fight.

Trigger: If you Impair, they counter with a silence effect on the primary agro target.

Enrage: Increase damage by 50%

The Shadowy Forest:

Lair: Increased Hit rating.

Trigger: When it inflicts a non-glancing hit, it gains a Spawning counter. When it reaches 3 stacks, it's next non-glancing hit will have an additional chain-hit effect that inflicts a Damage-over-Time to all effected. If anyone puts an Afflicted status on the target, it counters with a poison effect.

Carpathian Fangs:

Lair: All damage received is decreased by 50%. Whenever target receives a affliction effect, it gains a single stack of Affliction Counter. A single stack of Affliction Counter is removed periodically. While target has 10 stacks of Affliction Counter, it gains Suppression (All dmg recieved is increased by 50%).

Trigger: None exists, the above Lair seems to be a merging of Lair and Trigger in this zone.