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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

King of the Hill/tsw
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Start Coords: 589,1216
Given by: No Data
Type: Item
Reward: 177,470 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

An ancient orb hovers atop the temple. There is something both majestic and delicate about it, like a planet in the palm of one's hand.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: The temple is littered with Orochi crates and surrounded by dark openings in the rock. Inspect the crates to discover what Orochi were doing at the temple, as well as the fuction of the orb.
    • Inspect the Orochi crates
    • Defend the orb




[Identical to reports from Scorched Desert missions Signal Effect and The Defence Never Rests.]

The entire world is burning. We can see it in the child's eyes. The desert is an ideal test case for the blazing horrors to come.

The thirsty visions, the symbols carved in skin, the cries of martyrs at the stake - do not shy away from any of it. They are all part of the equation.


Cassini says you're all over the map out there. I'm all for frantic scurrying - to a point. Just keep in mind that sun stroke is a major epidemic right now. I need a clear head out there, not another burnout.

I'm not saying go sip mojitos in the sand. Just make sure we cover all the bases. If I need something ASAP, believe me, you'll know.



Splendid. Do continue to check in as often as you can. I am getting some frightful reports out of the desert. Things lumbering and tearing up the ground. All manner of Pits and plagues and pestilence.

I have grown very fond of our correspondence, and would hate to see it end on account of some biblical disaster.

R. Sonnac


There is 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1

  • Inspect the Orochi crates
    • There is one on top of the temple near the orb, and two others in the area
    • You only have to inspect one of them to get credit for this step, but each one you inspect gives you different items to help defend the orb
  • Defend the orb
    • Various mummies will attack the orb in waves. Use the explosives from the crates along with your own normal attacks to keep them from reaching and destroying the orb.
    • They do not instantly destroy the orb when they reach it - you have a few moments to kill them if they do reach it before it is destroyed and the mission fails

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