Jane Dagover

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Jane Dagover
Jane Dagover.jpg
Type: Title
Map Coordinates: (597,200)
Zone: Agartha
Region: Hub

Jane Dagover is one of the vendors found in the main tree of Agartha. She is located in one of the side alcoves on the first floor, on the southeast side at (597,200)

Items sold

Jane only sells Titles

Item Name QL Price
Title.jpg All out of Gum 1 WhiteMark.png 2,000
Title.jpg the Underdog 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
Title.jpg the Brain 1 WhiteMark.png 5,000
Title.jpg the Kid 1 WhiteMark.png 500
Title.jpg Merchant of Pain 1 WhiteMark.png 10,000
Title.jpg the Old School 1 WhiteMark.png 5,000
Title.jpg the Brute 1 WhiteMark.png 5,000
Title.jpg the Peacekeeper 1 WhiteMark.png 10,000
Title.jpg EHRMAGERD 1 WhiteMark.png 25,000
Title.jpg Goes to Eleven 1 WhiteMark.png 12,000
Title.jpg Heal Me! 1 WhiteMark.png 5,000