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Golemetry is brutish puppetwork. - Leaderboards



While golems can be of any size or shape, or created of any material, the tendency is towards making them large and strong for fighting while their nature makes them very durable and ideal for defending specific areas.[citation needed]

Automatons animated to life are done through golemetry, essentially magical puppet work, but instead of strings, the puppeteer or thaumaturg makes use of focused thaumaturgical currents to bring an inanimate being to life. However the Golems in Edgar's Scrapyard are being spontaneously animated and assembled by something in the air that came from the sea.[1]


Golems are creations of very limited intelligence. Once they have been created, they are given orders, and then exist solely to fulfill those orders. Typically something simple along the lines of "Guard this." or "Don't let anyone enter here".[citation needed]


Currently in the game we've seen a number of variants so far:

  • Mud Golems - Animations of the very ground beneath your feet, they can shrug off normal attacks. Their main purpose is to serve their creator, and with their immense strength, their form of servitude is mostly crushing anything in the way.
  • Rock Golems - Created from rock, stone, gravel, and cement (including rebar). They are typically found in mountainous area, or where large amounts of lose rock and stone can be found (like mines). When sitting still, they are often indistinguishable from regular rocks and players may not know they are approaching a Rock Golem until it jumps up and attacks them.
  • Stone Golems - Created from natural rock and stone. They are similar to Rock Golems, but without the incorporation of human-made materials.
  • Metal Golems - An animated collections of various metal objects, shaped in a roughly humanoid form. Usually found in areas with a large amount of rusted or unused metal, like Edgar's Scrapyard.[1]
  • Flesh golems - Typically made up of various body parts from humans and other creatures, and so often found where these resources are plentiful (graveyards, etc). Unlike other golems -- these golems are able to "breed" with each other, after a fashion, merging together to form a larger / conglomerate creature.
  • Sand Golem - Essentially these are walking dunes of sand most often found in the Valley of the Sun God.
  • Molten Golem - Golems made from constantly burning rock that have a number of fire based area of effect abilities.
  • Forest Golem - Created from mossy rock and vines. They are typically found in areas where the forest is relatively untouched by human activities.
  • Pestilence Golem - Golems that appear to be a mass of decaying plant matter, dirt, mold, spores, and insects. They spread death and decay in their wake.
  • Tech Golem - Golems composed of discarded bits of technology, such as televisions, cables, and electronic billboards. Primarily found in Kaidan, Tokyo.


Golems tend to be somewhat unique creatures, with their makeup and abilities being dependent on the mage that created them. However, the various variants due have some similarities.



Monster - Golems
Name Objective
Geppetto Kill 10 Golems
Socked Puppets Kill 25 Golems
Punch and Judy Kill 50 Golems
Automatonophobia Kill 100 Golems
Elder of Chelm Kill 500 Golems
The Legend of Prague Kill 1,000 Golems
Hubris Kill 5,000 Golems
Puppet Master Kill 10,000 Golems

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