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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

This page is under heavy editing. I apologize for the mess.

GUI stands for "Graphical User Interface". It is a generic computer term for on-screen displays and buttons. Commands entered by typing them instead of clicking on them are referred to as "Command Line Interface" (CLI) as opposed to the graphical GUI.

  • For a list of CLI commands available see Commands.
  • For a list of keyboard shortcuts used to access GUI components via keystrokes instead of mouse clicks, see Keyboard Layout.

The basic components of the GUI are explained below


Main Menu

The main menu is where you configure the game's controls and audio/visual settings.

The default to activate the main menu is F10, it can also be accessed by pressing ESC if no windows are open.

Element Description
Audio Options Audio Configuration
Video Options Video/Graphics Configuration
Interface Options GUI Configuration
Character Select Return to Character Select
Exit Game Exit To Desktop
Resume Game Close Main Menu


The user interface for Secret World Legends.
Click the image for a full size version.

The HUD (Heads Up Display) is the user interface for the game. The only places it's not used is during cutscenes, the main menu, character creation, load screens, login and character selection.

For the purposes of this overview, it's being divided into four sections: Top, Right, Left and Bottom. Most UI elements can be turned on or off, moved or resized. It also supports modding although the Secret World Legends modkit is not yet finalized. As of August 9th 2017.

Top Bar

Element Description Customize?
Menu   Pull down menu No
Patron   Manage Patron (Membership) Status No
Daily Login Rewards   Claim Daily Login Rewards No
Aurum   Amount of Aurum you have. (The green plus   overlay will open the purchase window.) No
Marks of Favor   Amount of Marks Of Favor you have. No
Anima Shards   Amount of Anima Shards you have. No
Compass Your character's facing direction. Size/Position
Blue SP   Unspent Skill Points No
Orange AP   Unspent Ability Points No
Latency   Uses a symbol similar to cell-phone bars to display your network Latency. No
Clock   The clock can show either in-game (white) or real-world time (green). Clicking on the time switches between the two. No
Lock   Clicking on the lock on the upper right lets you move UI elements. (For more customization, use Interface Options from the Main Menu.) No

Right Side

Element Description Customize?
GUI/HUD/Mini Map User Position/Map Details Size
Mission Tracker Active Mission(s) Size/Position
Mission Report Mission Report Icon (Not Shown) Size/Position

Left Side

Element Description Customize?
3D Mission Pointer Location and Distance of Mission No
Chat Window Communications/CLI Commands Size/Position
Defense Target Defensive Target (Not Shown) Size/Position
Team/Raid Window Showing information about players on your team. (Not Shown) Size/Position


Element Description Customize?
Health Bar Character Current/Maximum Health. Any buffs/debuffs will appear above this bar. Size/Position
Weapon Status Charging Status for Each Weapon Size/Position
Anima Essence Death penalty. Click to replenish using anima shards  . No
Weapon Power Energy for Each Weapon Size/Position
Health Potions Number of Health Potions. Click green plus   to replenish. No
Ability Bar Equipped Active Abilities Size/Position
Gadget Equipped Gadget No
Sprint Mount/Sprint/Run Status No
Quick Access Inventory Quick Access Inventory No
XP Bar Current XP Status with SP and AP milestones No

Other Elements

Element Description Customize?
Notifications Popup Notifications will appear from time to time. Position
Tutorials Tutorial hints will display in the bottom center of the screen until dismissed with ESC. No
Alerts System message will appear just below the compass. No
Timer Under certain circumstances, a countdown timer will appear next to the mission tracker. No
Event Timer Under certain circumstances, a timer will in a backlit box with a LED font. Position
Subtitles If subtitles are enabled, they will appear just above your ability bar. No
Activity Finder If you are in an activity finder queue, a small icon will appear No

Character Sheet

Gear and Equipment






Dressing Room


Anima Allocation

Build Manager


Mini Map

Zone Map

Mission Map



Mission Items

Quick Access

Mission Journal


  • Your character must be a minimum of level 15 or a Patron   to be able to trade with another character.





Activity Finder

Achievements and Legends




NOTE: To create your own Cabal you must be a Patron  .

In-game Browser

Delivered Items





Post Office

Auction House

Buying and Selling Items





Bug Reports



Funcom has already included two primary methods to tailor the user interface to your needs:

  • Interface Options (accessed using the main menu)
  • Lock (click the lock   icon on the upper right of the top menu bar to toggle edit mode)

There's also UI Mods, Macros, etc... See Customization.