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The Secret World will release with one Warzone; The Fusang Project. In this abandoned Chinese village, built upon ancient grounds, the three secret societies are battling over four facilities. In order to control one of these facilities you have to get through a defense perimeter. If you manage to get inside, you have to battle the defending Anima Guardian, who is sworn to protect the facility from intruders. You can never kill the Guardian, but if you subdue him, you can grab control of the facility, and once you do, the Anima guardian will be loyal to your secret society.

Formerly known as the Chinese Temple, the Fusang Projects, introduced at Gamescom 2011, requires players to gain control of "ancient relics that contain great magic." The objectives for the zone include gaining control of anima wells, which allow the faction to create anima charges, powerful spells capable of doing large amounts of damage, which are used to blow open the temple gates while holding off the other faction attempting to complete the same objectives. Then attackers must make their way to the heart of the temple, holding off defenders, where an ancient automaton, from the third age, must be battled and disabled. An attack on the temple is successful when the automaton changes from the defending faction's color to the attacker's. At this point the attackers would hold 2 of the 3 objectives for the war zone, which is still officially held by the defenders. Watch the walkthrough shown to the press at Gamescom and PAX 2011, provided by the MMO Reporter Press Panel.

This will be the only Warzone available at launch, the developers want to see how well it does and avoid spreading out the PvP population too quickly.


Here a faction must control the ancient relics, anima wells, in order to generate anima charges, powerful high damage spells used to breach the temple gates. Once the gates are breached the ancient construct must be attacked and disabled. Once disabled magic from the faction is channeled into the construct, bringing it under control.[1][2][3]

The faction that controls the construct, and thus the temple, gains a faction wide buff and access to special items.[1][2][3]

This might sound like an easy task, but this place has a lot of challenges. For one, there are hundreds of players in this zone simultaneously. Each secret society has a set amount of players reserved to represent them in battle, so there will never be a situation where one side can flood the zone with players in order to lock the other side out, preventing them from defending themselves. The secret societies also have to consider their own infrastructure for a proper defense or attack. There are several anima wells, which can be used for resurrection, all around the zone. These anima wells can be captured, so if you are planning to attack a certain facility, you should make sure you control some of the nearby anima wells, to make sure you can respawn and get back in the fight quickly.

One should also remember that there are three different secret societies fighting in these zones. This means that if one side grows too strong, the other two secret societies can join together and push it off the throne. Three sided PvP creates much more interesting PvP scenarios, because the meta game becomes deeper. Do you trust that cabal which just told you they would support you in the upcoming fight? Do you accept their help, but plan to back stab them at the last minute? Will you be one of the mercenaries who don't really have an allegiance, but will fight for any side which pays you? The choice is completely up to the individual player.

The rewards for fighting in the Warzone are tokens you get as reward for completing different missions. In addition to that, for each of the four facilities your secret society controls, you get a substantial buff. This buff stacks with the buff from the Battlefields, and when you put all the bonuses together, they become a substantial factor in any game play.