For All Mankind

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For All Mankind
Region: Hub
Zone: London
Start Location: Temple Hall
Start Coords: No Data
End location: [[(337,309)]]
Given by: Automatic Assignment
Type: Story
Requires: Mortal Sins
Faction: Templars
Reward: 199,470 Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.8

Events in Transylvania have drawn to a stalemate, but a thread runs through Solomon Island, Egypt and this valley - involving the Orochi group, the Morninglight sect, and perhaps the forces behind them. For now, the Templars must rally and prepare for the next offensive.



  • Richard Sonnac:
The sanguine reign of Mara finally ended,and at the sharp point of love rather than a stake.
Had we only known she was an incurable romantic,many hunters would still be with us today.
How far you've come.
It seems only yesterday I was gently patronising the members of the new wave and now...
You have the same look in your eyes as the Force-Marshal.
Good. You'll need that.
You have helped usher in the twilight of the vampires' misbegotten species, but the dawn may be a dismal one.
The Orochi group are merely the latest instrument of primordial enemies.
Enemies that once directed dark powers and brutal empires against us, that have now apparently gone corporate.
We are preparing to move on the crisis in Japan.
At the epicenter: Orochi's global headquarters.
A dark tower, fittingly enough.
In the time before you came to us, some of our best were assigned in response to the initial disaster.
The word back is...
The word back is not spoken in any human tongue.
To be blunt, in that Tokyo district, reality is dying.
Even the strong may not survive this, but it is the strong who must shoulder the responsibility.
For all mankind.
When the time comes, I would be proud to see you step up to the breach.
That's all I can ask.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Mara is gone, as is Emma. There is almost a sense of peace in the valley, if not for the sound of vile galaxies churning in the open Breach. The Templars will be waiting to hear from you.
    • Report to Richard Sonnac.




[Identical to Templar reports for Kingsmouth lair mission The Last Strand, Savage Coast missions Survival of the Dead and The Man in the Ebony Tower, for Blue Mountain mission Treasure Hunt, and for Scorched Desert missions Droning On and On and Tainted Dreams.

TRANSMIT - initiate booster signal - RECEIVE - sweetling!

Mr Sonnac is sitting tight, drumming along to in the air tonight. Mr Noble, Mr Right, Mr "Quote Some Ancient Knight."

Well we can use citations too: "Oogabooga" - the boogeyman is coming through!

WITNESS - encouragement. Don't be huffy because we hack. The Buzzing appreciates all you do. Now chop-chop, before we drop.


There is 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1

  • Report to Richard Sonnac

Other Information



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