First Pattern

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First Pattern
First Pattern, female, front.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Uniform
Source: The Dragon

The First Pattern is the first The Dragon uniform that characters in that faction can receive. It is granted to them upon reaching Faction rank 3 with the The Dragon

It is made up of the following pieces (although the pieces cannot be worn separately, and this must always be equipped as a full uniform):

  • Boots - Brown leather, calf-high
  • Pants - Dragon green, with a wide dark-red stripe down the outside of either leg, and a dark orange stylized dragon stitched onto the stripe. The pants are tucked into the boots.
  • Coat - Dragon green, long-sleeved, high-collared. The front is opened until just below the chest. The collar and front of the shoulders is a dark brown. The trim at the bottom of the jacket and running down the outside of either arm is a gold. There are four dark red thin stripes running down the front (two on either side of the chest) forming a tall "X" pattern. There is also 4 thin red stripes on the back, in a "V" shape ending at the waist. There is a white chevron on the back. On the left arm is a white arm band, on the right arm is a yellow on black The Dragon logo patch.
  • Belt - The Coat is belted by a wide band of red fabric, with gold patterns on the front and the back
  • Gloves - Brown and dragon green. Heavy duty gloves with built in Vambraces. The sleeves of the coat are tucked into the glove
  • Harness - There is a brown leather harness criss-crossing the chest and back, with silver buckles in the front and back where the bands meet.
  • Scarf - A dark red scarf, wrapped around the neck with the end hanging to the back.

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