Essence of Red Revere

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Essence of Red Revere invicon.png
Essence of Red Revere
Consumable (Lv 1 Superior)
Summon at a ritual site in Besieged Farmlands.
Summoning this creature requires 5 players, each with this essence

This item is part of the essence of a Red Revere, and be used to summon that monster.


Other Information

In order to use the essence, there must be 5 players that have one of these in their inventory. One person will use theirs at one of the Summoning Circles in the Besieged Farmlands lair. A large heart will appear over the summoning circle. The 4 other players must then "use" the heart to sacrifice their blood to it.

After all 5 people have sacrificed to the summoning, the Red Revere will appear.

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