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Elemental Focus or Elementalism Focus are Elementalism weapons in the magic category. They show on a player as a variety of handheld devices at the player's hip. Elemental magic is a primarily long range style, with its abilities inflicting many Afflicted and Hindered states on enemies. Elementalism abilities feature many Chain and Strike attacks. Elementalism users can summon a number of manifestations, stationary constructs that deal damage or aid the player's group. Elementalism Magic is good for players filling a damage or support role.


Main article: Skills

Elementalism skills are split into damage and support aspects.

  • Damage: Elemental Overload - Your Elemental abilities have a chance to deal more magical damage to 5 enemies around the target. (25% chance for 13 damage at 1 skill point)
  • Support: Elemental Fury - When deploying any Elemental Manifestation ability, your defensive target deals more damage for 5 seconds. (4% at 1 skill point)


Main article: Ability

All active skills in the Elementalism category require the use of an Elemental Focus as one of the player's two equipped weapons.

Passive skills do not require a weapon, but some passives modify a specific Active Skill, which then requires the use of a specific weapon.

A list of Elementalism abilities can be found here.


Main article: Weapons

All active skills here require the use of an ability specific-type weapon. Passive skills do not require a weapon, but some passives modify a specific active skill, which in turn requires the use of a specific weapon.


Main article: Deck

The following are decks which incorporate Elementalism into their build, and the 'role' they serve.

  • Grifter -- [Illuminati] Ranged DPS focusing on summoning drones and turrets.
  • Gunslinger -- [Illuminati] Ranged DPS, specializing in Mob Combat with Chain Attacks.
  • Hunter -- [Dragon] Ranged DPS using traps to maintain range and and AOE attacks to take out groups of enemies.
  • Magus -- [Templar] Ranged DPS focusing on single targets using crits and debuffs, and also granting group buffs to allies.
  • Mercenary -- [Illuminati] Ranged DPS using DOTs and hinders.
  • Ninja -- [Dragon] Ranged/Melee DPS using hinders and ranged damage, then dashing in for melee on weakened opponents.
  • Pandemonist -- [Dragon] Ranged DPS using chain attacks, DOTs and snares.

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