Eblis, Dominus Inferni in Profondis

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Eblis, Dominus Inferni in Profondis
Type: Category:Other monsters
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: No Data
HP: Elite:320,000
XP Awarded: Elite:?
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Hell Eternal
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


Eblis is the sixth and final boss encounter in the Hell Eternal dungeons.

Special Abilities


There are basically 4 phases to this fight:

Phase 1: A fairly normal fight with only a couple things to watch out for:

  • Dark Rush will put an AoE under the 2 characters with the highest threat. Those AoE will move with the characters, and after a short time explode and do damage to anyone within their area of affect. The tank should probably stand still and keep fighting while everyone backs away from his circle. Whoever has the the second circle should get away from the rest of their group so that they do not catch anyone else within their circle.
  • Solar Collapse creates 3 AoE's around Eblis that will explode and then leave a persistent fire effect. When he casts it, the tank should move him away from those AoEs so that the group can continue to fight him without getting caught in them.
  • Consumation reduces the healing a character (probably the tank) receives, so the healer will have to be ready for their abilities to not work as well as normal while that effect is on a character
  • When he teleports to the center of the encounter area and uses Casts Out, Phase 2 will begin. This will happen when he is at about 60% health remaining.

Phase 2: At about 60% health remaining, Eblis will use Cast Out to draw all the characters towards him. He will then be healed to full health, a force dome will be erected around the much smaller area that this phase of the fight will take place within, and numerous rune-filled circular AoE's moving around within the dome will appear.

  • If characters leave the dome (either on their own or be Eblis tossing them out) they will be killed.
  • If they get caught within the moving AoEs they will take damage.
  • Painwheel Overdrive works just like it did with the previous bosses, with the added threat that this time it's knockback effect could toss a character outside of the dome
  • Vanquish basically works the same way - does damage and knockback, with the potential to knock characters out of the dome.
  • Players will have to fight him until they kill him. At that point, he dispel the dome and then use Cast Out again - this time to toss all the players away from him. At this point, phase 3 begins.

Phase 3: After killing the Phase 2 Eblis, he will return to the same amount of health he had at the end of phase 1. Players will then continue to fight him just like in phase 1.

  • This phase will continue until he is down to about 30% health remaining.
  • At 30% health he will use Cast Out again to draw the characters in to another force dome, and start phase 4.

Phase 4: This phase works almost identically like phase 2. The primary differences being:

  1. He is not healed to full health, but has the same amount of health he had at the end of phase 3
  2. When he is killed this time, he stays dead and the fight is over.




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