Dusko Biukovic

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Dusko Biukovic is an ex-member of the Morninglight. When he decided he wanted to leave them, he took some of their files with him as 'insurance' and now they are hot to get that information back.



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Involved In


Obstructive Persons

Obstructive Persons #1
Dusko Biukovic If you leave you're on the list, it's automatic.
Dusko Biukovic They way they see it - they way their lawyers see it - you sign up for life.
Dusko Biukovic Once you break that contract, you're fair game.
Dusko Biukovic They folow you, trick you, sue you, lie to you, lie to others, whatever it takes to discredit anything you might say.
Obstructive Persons #2
Dusko Biukovic All they had to do was let me go.
Dusko Biukovic I wouldn't have said a fucking word. I just wanted my life back.
Dusko Biukovic But they can't afford to let people walk away. There's too much to hide.
Dusko Biukovic And so they follow you, fuck with you, confront, shatter, suppress - and now...now what choice do I have? I fight back with what little I got.

Level 7

Level 7 #1
Dusko Biukovic I don't pretend to have gotten anywhere close to the top. I mean, you know how many levels there are!?
Dusko Biukovic I mean, more than I can count. But I got far enough.
Dusko Biukovic Far enough to realise it was time to walk away. They call me a thief, but the files I took were insurance.
Dusko Biukovic Because I knew I would need something. Something that - The higher I climbed, the meaner they got.
Dusko Biukovic The emptier too. The more capable of anything.
Level 7 #2
Dusko Biukovic Maybe that's just it. That's the whole fucking program. What they work towards. What they count on.

The Files

The Files #1
Dusko Biukovic You really wnat to know what's on the files I took? I got no fucking clue.
Dusko Biukovic Isn't that great! Could be a recipe for lemon pie for all I know.
The Files #2
Dusko Biukovic It's probably not a recipe for lemon pie. Whatever it is, it's pissing them off that I got it. And it's given me some leverage.
The Files #3
Dusko Biukovic The important parts are tucked away behind some password. At least I think it's important. I don't know. I don't know what it is or what it says or how to open it. I just know it's the only ammunition I got.
Dusko Biukovic