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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Dungeons are Instances in Secret World Legends created for groups a minimum of 3 characters, although you can enter with anywhere from 1 to 5 members in your group.


Dungeon can be initiated by an existing team interacting with the entrance object or contact. Dungeons have missions available in the zone where they are offered, just like any other mission, although these are optional they are recommended if you are interested in the story. They are marked with the width icon and have their own slot.

You may also join using the Activity Finder feature.


  • If you are trying to enter a dungeon in story mode but are above the maximum level, you will need to put a check in the "private team" checkbox.
  • If an existing group is attempting to start a dungeon instance, it will fail if any team member is not eligible (below minimum level, etc.).
  • If you are in an existing group, it will be reformed when the zoning to the instance and disbanded when exited.
  • Regardless if you have the dungeon's mission or not, an assignment mission will automatically be granted upon entry.


Each dungeon has 3 three primary difficulty levels:

  • Story Mode - (aka "Normal"). This is the base version, and is generally run at a level appropriate for the zone it is found in.
  • Elite - This is a harder version than normal, and comes with 10 different difficulty settings.
    • Elite 1 thru 4 - These scale up the difficulty of the monsters in the dungeon as well as some increased loot rewards.
    • Elite 5 thru 10 - These continue to scale up the difficulty and loot rewards. But, in a addition, Bosses now have additional abilities and there may be additional obstacles added to the fight.
  • Nightmare - Not yet in Secret World Legends.

In order to qualify for running an elite version of the dungeon, you must be at least Level 50 and for difficulty E2 and higher your gear must meet a minimum Item Power ranking. The requirements are:

Also note that in Story Mode the dungeons are designed for a group of 3 players, and in general 3 can do it with their typical adventuring/solo builds. The Elite dungeons however are designed for a group of 5 players including the standard Tank/Healer/3x-DPS

Basic Layout

So far, all dungeons in Secret World Legends have a standard 6-boss layout, and typically follow the same basic pattern:

  • The first boss is often a DPS check - if you can't take them down easy enough then you may want to back out and try again later.
  • Bosses 2 through 5 often have some sort of mechanic involved that characters need to learn AoE to avoid, adds to kill, etc).
  • The final boss typically has many mechanics, often a culmination of those encountered with previous bosses.


Loot is dispensed from Dungeon Caches found after each boss defeated in the dungeon.

In order to get loot from the Dungeon Cache, you must have a Dungeon Key Dungeon Key. Each character is given 10 dungeon keys each day (18 for Patrons / Grandmasters), with the ability to purchase more with Marks of Favor Mark of Favor. Each key can open a single Cache.

The caches after each of the first five bosses in the dungeon are typically identical in what they may possibly drop. The cache found after defeating the 6th and final boss in the dungeon typically has higher quality rewards. If players are low on the number of Dungeon Keys they have, or plan on running numerous dungeons - they may want to save their keys for the Dungeon Cache from the 6th boss.

Dungeon List

The tables below shows the current dungeons in the game, the associated mission (for normal dungeons) and the recommended Level of the players for attempting the dungeon on story mode

Dungeon Name Mission Name Story Mode
The Polaris Dead in the Water 10-18
Hell Raised Into The Inferno 19-27
The Darkness War The Darkness War 28-36
The Ankh Pandora's Box 36-44
Hell Fallen Sympathy for the Devil 43-49
The Facility From the Valley to the Stars 50
Hell Eternal Paradise Now 50
The Slaughterhouse The Slaughterhouse 50

There are also Seasonal dungeons, that may only be accessible during their associated season. The following is a list of seasons and associated dungeons:

Seasonal Dungeons
Season Dungeon Name Mission Name Level
Samhain The Cat God The Cat God Any (Scales you to appropriate level)

Dungeon ▪ The Polaris ▪ Hell Raised ▪ The Darkness War ▪ The Ankh ▪ Hell Fallen ▪ The Facility ▪ Hell Eternal ▪ The Slaughterhouse
Raid ▪ Manhattan Exclusion Zone
Seasonal ▪ The Cat God