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Tall and pale, slimy as maggots. - Leaderboards

The Draug are a ancient variety of Nordic Undead frequently encountered at sea, that have recently invaded Solomon Island.[1]

They are also known as draugur, draugar, and aptrgangr. [2]



The draug were made from the Norsemen who fought in the Darkness War, some lost into the ocean while returning from the North American coast, while others did manage to return only to infect their villages. The The Filth looked at the viking nightmares and saw the tales of the draug. In the course of weeks these villages were abandoned by it's inhabitants as they were drawn to the sea, so they could mutate further. They shed their old skins in the brine to grow tougher, colder flesh. The matter they sloughed off in underneath the seas joined with the Filth weed, coalesced into new forms, colonies and pods that supported their new reproductive cycle.[3]

In the years to come, they would prey on seafaring nations, causing hundreds of ghost ship tales. They drowned the crews, put them to work as slaves and eventually become material for the creation of new draug. [3]


Draug tend to stay next to coastlines. While they are amphibious and do come up on land, like fish they can't keep out of water for long stretches of time. They use sewers as access points into land further from the shoreline.[4]

The draug' followed the Lady Margaret to Solomon Island, after Joe Slater found a sword in a graveyard of ships filled with red seaweed and fog. The fog followed them to Solomon Island, with the red seaweed now residing in the sewers of Kingmouth town.[5] There is also red seaweed in Fletcher's strand that brings ancient draug, which is cultivated by the draug and their zombies slaves.[6]

They have also begun stealing the barrier technology and tactics from the Orochi Group to protect the larger Brood Pod Clusters on shore.[7]

The draug get bolder in the darkness.[8]


They breed by turning the corpses of dead humans into Zombie, which the Broodwitches turn into Incubators by implanting the female’s eggs through some sort of tentacular energy transfer. These incubators turn into Brood Pods in shores, which will grow into other varieties. The zombies are made from the locals that were drawn to the sea and drowned.[9] Depending on the size of the Pod different varieties of the species, with the smaller ones making the minor varities, while the large clusters growing the bigger ones.[7]

The draug will also use Zombies to dig out corpses from mass graves to make more Zombies.[10] Only recently have they started mass breeding on a populated shore (which could be either due to dwindling numbers or they are the front-lines of an organized invasion.)[9]


The following are the various varieties of the Draug species:

  • Broodwitch - Female varieties of the Draug which implant eggs/embryos into the flesh Zombies using tentacular energy/their long tentacles. Turning these zombies into Incubators.[9]
  • Incubator - Slowly make their way to shore, where they transform into a Brood Pod.[9] These creatures are not aggressive, and will not normally attack players, unless attacked first.
  • Brood Pod - Stationary 'eggs' that hatch a draug warrior. They hatch if a attacked, or if a player stands next to it for too long. The hatching process does take time, and if the pod can be destroyed before it hatches, the warrior within is killed as well.
    • Brood Pod Cluster - Larger versions of Brood Pods that give birth to larger varieties of draug. They have begun to appear in "phase two of their breeding operations".[7]
  • Warriors - Hatch from the pods. There are three types of draug warriors:
    • Impaler - Subtype of the draug warrior that uses its sharp, right arm as a blade to attack players.
    • Mauler - Subtype of the draug warrior that uses its large, left arm as a bludgeon to attack players.
    • Seacaller - Subtype of the draug warrior that uses ranges magic attacks against players.
  • Broodsource -
  • Warmonger - Commander type monster. Larger than regular draug warriors, with additional attack types and abilities.
  • Lord - Large squid-like creatures that are the dominant 'caste' of draug. It is known that they have psychic abilities and as taste for putrid squid.[11] They are also know for controlling the production of new draug.[9]
    • Puppy -
  • Ur-Draug - A creature born from the material that re-made the first Draug.


Draug are organized into clans, with each clan having a similar hierarchy. So far, the following clans have been found on Solomon Island:


Virtually all Draug are able to cast Barnacled for protection. Additionally, each variant has an attack that is typical to them:


Monster - Draug
Name Objective
Something in the Water Kill 10 Draug
Fisherman's Friend Kill 25 Draug
Sailor's Valentine Kill 50 Draug
The Old Man and the Sea Kill 100 Draug
Wide Sargasso Sea Kill 500 Draug
Children of Ahab Kill 1,000 Draug
Primordial Deep Kill 5,000 Draug
The Ancient Mariner Kill 10,000 Draug



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