Doctor Caligari

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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Doctor Caligari
Map Coordinates: (600,199)
Zone: Agartha
Region: Hub

Doctor Caligari is the Achievement Vendor present in Agartha, on the main floor of the central hub area.

He sells a variety of items, most of which require players to obtain a specific number of Achievement Points before they can be purchased.

Items Sold

Item Name QL Price
30px Multichromatic Cardinal 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
Clothing-Coat,green.png Lab coat, white 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
Title.jpg Demiurge 1 WhiteMark.png 500
Title.jpg Elohim 1 WhiteMark.png 500
Title.jpg Dominion 1 WhiteMark.png 500
Title.jpg Zeitgeist 1 WhiteMark.png 500
Title.jpg Psychopomp 1 WhiteMark.png 500
30px Classic leather biker jacket, black 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
Clothing-Hands,green.png Surgical gloves, black 1 WhiteMark.png 500
Landmine1.png Mock Mine 1 WhiteMark.png 500
Backdrop icon.png Theatrical Beasties 1 WhiteMark.png 500
30px Debonair Jinn 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
Phantom Mutt invicon.png Faithful Friend 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
Hacked Orochi Security Sphere icon.png Orochi Shadow-class Security Sphere 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
30px Sentry and Attack K-9 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
Spirit Toro invicon.png Spirit Toro 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
Clothing-Hands,green.png Surgical gloves, blue 1 WhiteMark.png 500
Clothing-Hands,green.png Surgical gloves, white 1 WhiteMark.png 500
30px Emote: Snowball 1 WhiteMark.png 500
30px Nassir's Groovy Gun 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000
30px Shoes of Synchronicity 1 WhiteMark.png 1,000