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This is an ad-hoc mission from theDivision-66 ARG.

NOTE: The walkthrough for this mission is not protected by spoiler tags since this mission is no longer available to players.

This mission was started on 2014-03-02 at approximately 21:42 EDT by phone calls and emails.


At approximately 21:42 EDT , members were sent either emails or received phone calls.

The phone call was mostly sent to people who had signed up for yellow clearance (or had changed to yellow). The call was a voice recording reading numbers:

49 108 56 68 77 89 87 

The email was mostly sent to people who were set for red clearances (or had changed to red). The contents of the email was:

From: "orders@division-66.com" 
Subject: "http://bit.ly/1gMCLm4"


A security breach has been detected. You have been selected to stop the breach and report any findings.

You have 2h to resolve this situation. If we don't get the compromised files before 8:41 PM PST, your clearance level will be downgraded to RED.

- Capitain William Patrick

The link in the subject of the email (http://bit.ly/1gMCLm4) leads to a recording of the same number sequence that the phone calls gave.


  • A twitter from The Black Watchmen at division66 requested agents to "Send any files you found to Capt. William via orders@division-66.com and wait for further orders. Your work is flawless."