Dead Chamber

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NOTE: Unlike most missions that require you to kill a monster, this mission can only be picked up after you have killed the monster. There are a couple of requirements before starting this mission:

  1. You must make it through the Hatchet Falls Facility (Instance) without setting off any alarms, or else the door to the room this mission is will be sealed.
  2. You must complete the When The Hatchet Falls mission by using the security terminal
  3. You must enter the room after the security terminal, and kill Janos Dragosani.

Once those three requirements are met, you can pick up the mission from the containment facility where Janos Dragosani was first found

Dead Chamber
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Start Location: Hatchet Falls Facility (Instance)
Start Coords: (214,149)
Given by: Containment Facility
Type: Item
Requires: When the Hatchet Falls
Reward: 374,007 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.7

Before the Orochi Group co-opted it, Hatched Falls was a containment facility for an ancient vampire named Janos Dragosani. Why did the Soviets keep the creature here? Janos can no longer answer, as you have slain him. Perhaps the Soviets or the Orochi left some files.


  • None

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Best to send any files regarding the ancient vampire to your superiors
    • Upload Janos Dragosani files




A predator with countless years to prey. Its belly is a mass grave. How many souls did you cut out of its guts? A bat can distract from the coming typhoon.


Those adorable Soviets - just saving an ancient vampire for a rainy day. Stay on task. You're not there to slay every forgotten Cold War horror, but find out what the Orochi Group is up to. Zurn's throwing a tantrum that you had to destroy the specimen, but he has enough dangerous pets as it is. Alright, get back to it. Eyes to the prize. Ciao-ciao.



The irresponsibility of others is both manifold and multiform, and yet I am always surprised by new innovations in foolishness. To leave such a walking plague on humankind for others to trip open like a Jack in the Box! You showed decisive initiative in cleansing the world of this ambulating blight. But do not loose focus. We must know the intentions of the Orochi Group in Transylvania. Veritas odit moras.

R. Sonnac


There is only 1 tier to this mission

Tier 1/6

  • Upload Janos Dragosani files
    • Used the "Secured Files" terminal in the previous room

Other Information

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